Thursday, February 09, 2006

Lily , be thoda sa silly

Hello. The time is 5.36 am . I am just done with Bluffmaster and I feel as sleepy as my three year old cousion who never sleeps . And I am thinking how much I like silly things . There is this messaging utility called 'ip messenger' on all the systems at IIM C . It is like a chat system using which we can broadcast messages all over the computers at the hostels as well as send one to one messages to each other . So around ten minutes back , there was a broadcast by a girl , called ABC for privacy . Liberated woman ka zamana hai , kahin usse objection ho gayi to poora girls hostel escort karega meri 'around the campus on a donkey' yatra ko .

All the messages mentioned below were broadcast to all the students.

ABC : Anybody awake in the campus ?
Guy 1 : Me one
Guy 2 : Me two

( So champak laal , aise ho gayi jaagi aatmao ki counting start)
Guy X : Me X.
GG : Oye poore 18 log jaag rahe hain.
Tayal : GG kitna vella hain , count kar raha hain , isko max vella award .
Me : Subah 5 baje GG jaage hue organisms ki counting kar raha hain , and tayal award baant raha hain. Dono hee export quality ke velle hain .
GG : Hum to fir bhee export quality velle hain , tu to seconds ka maal hain . Discount Sale lagakar hum tujhe flood affected logo ko bechenge
Me : Abe wo log flood se jitne peedit hue hain , usse triple peedit ho jayenge mujhe pakar.
Tayal : Accha hum tujhe free mein de denge .
Me : Oye main kya pocket calendar kun ki atlas cycle ke saath free de diya . Kabhi to mujhpar bhee price tag chikpao .
Chirag : Chikpao ? oye yeh abb chinese japanese bhee bolne laga .

This is like a classical case of stupid boys blabber . I really think we guys should have our pictures pasted under the definition of 'silly' in the dictionary . IIM C has produced a lot of big guys . Some of us are going to pass out and go on to be CEOs and presidents and Managing Directors of companies as big as big whales . And we guys were talking like our cellphones got more grey cells than our skulls . But it is moments like these when I realise that how many exams we may crack , how many jobs we may get and how many companies we may bring down , every person has a child within himself , and this child is free and silly . And when we allow this child to come out and act , we cease to care about the logic we have been taught since the time we used to carry water bottles and pencil boxes to school . We forget about the expectations of our parents and neighbours . We forget to be 24 year olds who are about to get working for big companies with firang bosses and air conditioned offices and free coffee and perfumed washrooms. We just be silly .

And yeah , there is this blog written by phoenix . I have never interacted with phoenix and know
her as much as Saddam Hussein knows your doodhwala . I visit her blog regularly , but I suffer from the "khao piyo khisko" mentality . I read her blogs , and enjoy reading them and then think "Yaar comment likhne se India world cup thode hee jeet jayegi". So I usually go away without putting down a comment . Yesterday , I read her post , which ended like this -

"Coffee to anybody who understands one word. Bravery award if you have reached so far."

So I was automatically switching into my "Khao piyo khisko" mode and going away without commenting when I thought "yaar har cheez India ko world cup jitaane ke liye thode hee karnee
chahiye" . So I shifted over to "Khao piyo and comment karo" mode and wrote this comment -

"A very honest and hitting post. And I cant really come over to collect the paramveer chakra. Just scan it and email."

I wrote this comment and then logged out and spent the day in perfect uselessness as I do on my busy days . Now the next day I get up . Log onto the institute online board to see that my professor wanted to buy a gas chamber and push everyone in it . But gas chambers are very costly and rare commodities these days . So he had used a cheaper alternative and announced a quiz in the class starting in half an hour . Then as I was drinking water , the bottle slipped and spilled over the keyboard . Thankfully the keyboard did not explode in my face . Though I don't think an explosion can make my face any worse than it is . Life turned more rosy. One of my friends called me up and informed me that she thinks I am a pig because I did not wish her on her birthday yesterday . I apologised to her and yelled a cheery 'Happy birthday' . She called me a pig again . So I was ten minutes away from a suicide when I logged in to yahoomail . And I had got this mail from phoenix :

A person I hardly know had mailed me a bravery award . For a moment , I was so delighted I could have chuckled at being diagnosed with lung cancer. Sometimes , silly-panti is good.


rinku said...

mai first :)
padh ke will b back to comment on post!

rinku said...

mast post AS EVER !!!!
collge me ye sab silli-pantee is fun yaar...
saala job me ..rarely you get ppl around like even if wana go for 'fokataai-baazi' and 'silli-pantee' ...u dnt alves get cmpny!!

and Badhai for this bravery award U got@@

and Gud night :)

Kaps said... se yaad aaya..u have to email me ur room's pic.

aur dost..paramveer chakra 'fwd' kar na..main apne bacchonn ko apni veerta aur dileri ki kahaniyan sunaunga..

The Bhandari's said...

:D nice silli panteee

Miss Sea said...

me will post the first nasty comment :D

ab tu khullam khulla ladkiyon ko naam leke line maar raha hai!!! :O


since so many people visit ur blog, lets start a competition. who is GG?

my guesses gaurav/gautam/gupta/goel

ichatteralot said...

ip messengers exist in all the big fancy corporates and we are down right silly on it
there is life and there is hope in the big bad world out there

chimera_nids2abhi said...

Hey Bhagu! hum sabhi kitne shaitaniyan karte hi..i love these days and shayad these few days will leave us with happy laughing memories for a lifetime.

Mazaa aya padh kar, and bravery award toh aapki matashree ko dena tha na :? Chalo unko bhi jaldi mil jayega..aap forward hi kar dena..

:) :)

Naina said...


So, flattery is the secret to blog popularity?

*insert really cute smile here*

And also the appearance of real life characters...

And replying to comments :P

Guruji, dhanyavaad!

arpz said...

yara silly silly

Naina said...


how does ur number of profile views remain constant at 6093?

sunshine said...

Silly-panty? Oye you mean silly-panti? matlab stitch the....errr... ok, ok, sillipan hi likha hota, itni silly-panti nahi karni padti.

Ab stand up and start singing... yaara silly silly.

Dekha, NH ke saare pups aur kutte bhaag gaye.

bored said...

this is real crap.It's not funny as u thought it would be .

Anonymous said...

thank you.
tne reason is for me to know and u to guess.

Aj said...

mei soching and realizing that what the u the saying the thing is the very the true the thing.
vishwaas nhn toh mujse milo ;)

Suds said...

Sahi post hai...:) This blogosphere is an amazing place where u just meet so many people... It is nice to hear back from some of them woh bhi achanak...:)

Lekin yaar ek baat bata tun IIM wale raat ko 4 baje kya karte ho... Woh bhi group/jhund mein???

!xobile said...

dekha dekha

mera effect poori duniya pe ho raha hai


pandora said...

ahem...gulp!..khaya,piya and me khisking :P

pixel said...

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me said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
me said...

oye hoye....bahut bahut mubarak u hv becum a proud winner of paramveer chakra.and the chakra goes to.....hitler's soul.oops, matlab award goes to mr.abhinav:)
n yes one more thing....y the hell are u after ur face so badly....har post mein apne face ki watt lagani zaroori hai kya, xtra no. milte hain kya iske???

nitika said...

paramveer chakra is a war time gallantry award ... u should have instead asked for ashok chakra/kirti chakra, they are peace time awards :)...
it had to take an army offrs daughter to remind u of that :)...
anyways good post... i read ur posts regularly...this is my first comment though...u write very well.. and goodluck for ur placement...

anu said...

yaara silly silly u r talking abt 24-25 yrs, i bet agar tum 42 ya 52 ke bhi ho jao to bhee tumhara silly pana kahi nahi jane wala..u c kuch cheeje kabhi nahi badaltee !! samjhe hoshiyaar khabardaar moochdaar ...

d_tox_ed said...

Nice blog. I really liked your posts. You've evolved with time. The posts just keep getting better.

Abhi said...

@rinku - gold do.and thats the issue rinku jee.i dnt think ill find idiots like me in these mnc companies.

@kaps - oye tujhe bhejta hu room pic jaldi hee.but darriyo matt.and naujawan , paramveer chakra fwd nahi kiya jaata , khoon baha ke paya jaata hain.

@preeti - :).lagta hai aap bhee kuch kuch crazy ho apni tarah.

@TT - once a casanova , always a casanova ? i have left that life behind.samaj mujhe sudharne ka mauka kyun nahi deta.i am depressed now.i wont play the GG game with you.

@ichatteralot - you are an angel.i mean it.i want to work now.

@chimeranids - bhagu ? you meant bhagwan ? you created a nick for god ? thats wat i call a maadern day youth.:p

@naina - sacchi bolu.just enjoy.and ur blog is really delightful.people ! read her blog.its fun.

@arpz - haha !! nice way to break the single smiley jinx.:)

@naina - if i tell you , ill have to kill you.:p

@sunshine - haha ! sunday sunday sunday .surgery surgery surgery.scared scared scared ? ;)

@bored - you dont know what I think.:)

@anon - welcome :).the reason is known to you and inconsequential for me.

@aj - haha ! idiot itna bada software guru ban gaya , sudhar ja ab :p

@suds - ahem ahem.aap mujhe galat samajh rahe ho aap soch rahe ho waise kuch nahi hain...;)

@mani - tu to plague hai plague.sabko lekar doobega .;)

@pandu - silly sis ! brush karo !

@pixel - my pleasure :)

@me - haha ! duniya mein oneself is the easiest guy to make fun of.koi khud se hee nahi bura maan sakta na.:)

@nitika - my dad is a doctor.for me , all medals were the same round things till you taught me.thanks.:)

@anu - nahi , i think ill turn normal after my 75th birthday.

@d tox ed - really ? i never compared.just typed for fun:)

Ann said...

have never interacted with you and know yoy as much as Saddam Hussein knows mine doodhwala . I visit his blog regularly , but I suffer from the "khao piyo khisko" mentality . I read his blogs , and enjoy reading them and then think "Yaar comment likhne se India world cup thode hee jeet jayegi". So I usually go away without putting down a comment . Yesterday , I read your post”

Another unknown fan of yours..Have read all posts but suffered from ‘khao piyo khisko’ mentality…So finally thought will write something
Man I am waiting for a Six Point Someone(I am sure U will come up with a brilliant title)waiting at the bookstores

Phoenix said...

ok this is funny, almost lieka pleasant surprise but do din se i was very busy so i didnt read any blogs, and today i just read it and found half the post on my post!!!

man u immortalized me by a mention here. thanx, and as i said, i'm glad that it made u happy.
suicide is a boring idea.
i almost feel like awarding u the Nobel Kindness Prize as well...:D:D:D:D

Sayesha said...

Sahi hai yaar! :D

Ashish said...

Oh boy! these "fatte" in hostels - PJs rock big time :D *stupid grin*

Mahi said...

well..i kinda belong to d same race as u do.."yaar comment karne se india thodi wrld cup jeet jayegi" (i am sure i dint gt dat exactly rite...but i am sure u knw wt i mean)anyways i almost stuck to it,read some of ur previous blogs n then there was this power cut..watched ridiculous stuff on tv.came back n logged in and read this blog of urs.. must say was having a terribly boring day until now "d kind where u do nothing but sit n anticipate fr "d" call "!! keep writing dude..its original n fresh! U MADE MY DAY! CHEERS! ;)

Priya said...

well dont know me..nor i know you..very randomly landed on ur blog and since i was in sucha depressed mood ..socha ki chalo iske blog ko padhenge.. just dropping by this comment b/c aapki blog padh ke hasi made me smile! :-) said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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