Thursday, February 16, 2006

Single bells

I think I got fever.My parents gave me medicines and capsules enough to cure Somalia but forgot the thermometer.Also , I am in the process of reducing clutter from life these days.It's been like three days since I have watched a movie and am beginning to forget how Angelina Jolie looks.Instead , I am reading books.I am the guy who grew up reading phantom , mandrake , chacha chaudhary , mahabali shaaka , super commando dhruv and till last year thought Sidney Sheldon was a lady writer who lives in Sydney.So me reading books is like Manmohan Singh being an MTV VJ.But I am liking it .And I found 35 mb of more than 3000 dilbert strips.A guy ten minutes away from a suicide can laugh his diaphragms out reading that stuff.And here is the stuff I typed for Jam.Looks like I am getting into a huge despo single guy stereotype here.

I feel like typing more.But I want to sleep.I feel feverish.I think I will type more tonight.And I did not meet that crossword lady on the 14th.The desperate single guy thing moves on.Aapki bahu betiyan abhi bhee safe nahi hain.


amyth said...

Feverish? Does that have anything to do with ur sudden reading habits? ;)

Take care bro...
And hey, being single has it's huge advantages too.. ;D

amyth said... the 1st? and 2nd too :D
hmm... hey, that jam "scoop" was of great taste. good one, really.

Phoenix said...

hey get well soon yaar....the bahu betis of this world are missing u.
Eligible guys shd nt stay single for long, or wait, maybe thats a prereq for the theory nice guys finish last to hold!:P

sunshine said...

single sells.... when nothing females......munnu fails..... cribs n rails....

as for me..... single single proud to be single.

you better get rid of that fever...

Shriedhar said...

u too talikin sourgrapes... :)

Fursat said...

hey abhi nice article...

i remember your line you said to me oh phone tht u hate valentine unless u have gf :P

good article :)

Prayank said...

hey abhinav

therez a gal from crossword in campus today ... is she the one ...

lotus dew said...

itni jaldi himmat naa haaro bachche........

Jaggu said...

Hey Abhi ur JAM article was simply kickass man...on readin the following lines
"On the dreaded day, I avoid any living thing... including the dogs outside our hostel as they have that ‘Dude-where-is-your-girl?’ look in their doggie eyes as they run around with their bitches. I wake up late, and bunk all the lectures. My movements outside the room are as restricted as that of the cupboard in my room. "
i burst out into serious laughter prompting my grumpy TL to question me as to wat would make me laugh wen wrting a PL/SQL code nd wen i led him to the source of my laughter nd he went thru ur article i couldnt believe my eyes.. he had a smile on his face at the end of it...
Dude if u made by TL smile@work,, u gotta be really gud...Take a bow nd hey man keep the sense of humour goin nd those damn bitches (k k gals ) will line up for u ...ROCK KARO KHAKHE !!ADIOUS

Raam Pyari said...

I have even read loads oh Billu,pinki( i wud def read it na! ) Natraj(remembr his hairstyle????forhead par snake ke ishtyle mein hair!!)
Apart from that....jaldi se achche ho jao!!
ya fir i send u sardar jee waala jokes????

lolita said...

get well soon,take care and dnt read too much,by now u must have realised the side effects of u reading books..

me said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
me said...

wah wah......wat a jam session, mazaa aa gaya padh ke. as usual gr8 stuff. wen i first saw ur post i waz in real shock......abhinav ki post itni choti i got ok after reading the remaining part on the link u mentioned.
yaar as for ur valentine, just chillax.keep posting such amazing stuff, isse padh ke to ek kya kai valentines mil jayengi:)so b happy.
btw wat happend to tht crossword gal??? yaar uska valentine to kharab kar diya tumne....y didnt u meet her? u cud have made her day.

killer is i said...

lolz ... awesome jam session ...
dun worry yaar ... tere bhai bhandu bahut hai .. main bhi unmein se 1 hoon ;)
aur fever ... bole to bukhar .... kahin ye pyaar ka bukhar to nahi :p
neways ... if a guy frm del spl. and engineer will start reading ... fever to ho hi jayega ;)

Indian Bachelor said...

Desperate Single Guy ????

yeh to meri life story lagti hai! :)

Anonymous said...

I know that what you write is funny and I laugh at it as well but what keeps me thinking is that there is more thn wit, play of words and humourous situations...

....there seems to be a hint of longingness and a little pain..despite the amazing way you present the sentiments, camouflaged they are but a hint of .........., something I am unable to place....

raven said...

kya padh raha hai? brearly myers, porter and kotler ko reading to nahin bolta tu?

Shreyansh said...

Get well quick!

rinku said...

I know,...Super commando Dhruv ,,mera pehla pyaar hai :) .
My first crush :))

aur vo jam wala article mast usual. aur aap ko fever hua hai ...kee fever ko aap!!!!!!???

chalo jaldee theek ho jao...aur maine suna hai ke somaliya walon ne ye mail padh lee hai...jaldee hee aa rahe hain vo!!!!

Anonymous said...

u and fever ..........thought u were from diffrent planet altogether. chalo bhai phar ke accha laaga ki aap jaise one of kind ppl hai.
take care and get well soon

Anonymous said...

............Did you fill in the missing link.........take a tour inside cause the Abhinav we know is funny, erratic, witty , whacky and definately enigamtic......but the person u probably are or might be is a lot more than the fuuny one....will wait for the post on this front. is there truly a missing linl?
and hey take care , get rid of the fever thing and bounce back with more energy and MAY BE a Diffrence.


nishant said...

bhai tujhe bukhar kab hua?...get well soon baby

Hiren said...

Hope you get well soon. Nice to see though that this fever has not tempered the other fever.

Anonymous said...

hey abhinav this comment is for the mooch post which u posted...hey u ve posted many heroes name over thr..but mind u bout southie heroes...surya was a superhit with moustache in kakha kakha ..vikram is super hit ..
above all lemme tell u u just try to exaggerate tooo much.....anyways its ur blog u ve the entire 'haq'to do anything....but think man dont u exaggerate too much just to show ur a spoilt brat who gets more response these days...come on a lazy guy cannot get into urself man..

Dawn....सेहर said...

hahaha actually am laughing on the post...its hillarious...! But it was your soul that brought me here....
would like to

keep writing


anu said...

arre isme parshaan hone wali kya baat hai ..u sud hav celebrated d 14 feb as independence day...happy independence day ..n wot fever..i dont think it wil go so soon as ppl hav cud a fever leave such a hilarious person so soon he too must b enjoying ur company ..kidding...jyada bahaduri dikhane ki jaroorat nahi hai ye moti moti books padhke ..bravery award mil gaya hai ab to chain rakh..get well soon!

Shekhar said...

Exec. Summary: Apni tabiyat ka khyal rakha karo.

Oye dude, take care. E ki haalat bana rakhi hai? Angelina ko kyon nahi dekhte ho. Din me do baar, ek baar subah subah aur raat ko sone se pehle, uske darshan kar lo... sab theek ho jayega baccha !! Alak niranjan !

pandora said...

"tujhe fever hua hai! koi AIDS nahi!!...arey hamey toh din mein teen teen baar fever hota hai."

mujhe kyun yeh dialouge suna suna lag raha hai, bhaiyaa :P

take care and get well soon.kya haal chaal hai? :)

on your article on bread n JAM:-

hmmmm...i understand.teri ash ko koi aur abhi[shek] shayad pasand aa gaya. fever isliye?

exellent sense of humour chacha chaudhari ke admirer!

PS:your lectures work ache karm ko continue rakhein.counselling field mein tarakki hogi. agla V day isolated nahi hoga. yeh number '4' ka chakkar hai[24 and 14].
-neha daruwali
shishya of bejan daruwala

badgirl said...

u IDIOT garrrrrrrrrrr @#$%!&*##

hey kidddo tumhine to hum kaan paakdva ke murga banvayange

badgirl said...

above comment is reply of ur cbox msg.

N abt ur article ya ok i didnt enjoy it at all :(

shub chintak said...

hey munnu , everything said and done, I have noticed the subtle but repeated use of suicide word in many of your posts, kya ho gya bhai, chori ka gam,,aur bathero hai yaar!! chill maar!!

The.Grey.One said...

"My movements outside the room are as restricted as that of the cupboard in my room. "

Totally hilarious !!!

Carry on bro..looking forward to more such posts :)

- Murali

Planck said...

Oh! Good guys look good when they feel good. So hurry up and become better. Okay!!!

Kaps said...

take care karna apna

badgirl said...

hai re mere hittu (urf hitler)

dnt mind my lang yaar main bhi thodi nakchadi aur short temper hoon kya karoon :(((((

Shriedhar said...

u still sick???

sick enough not giving replies???

get well soon !!!

me said...

hey wat happened....yaar fever ko jaldi bhagao n wapas blog pe aaoooo......get well soon:)

Vishal said...

Hey dost!,
get well soon buddy .. take enough care to be back to your usual self soon .. we miss u badly here ..
all our good wishes are with you.
By the way , the JAM stuff was awesome .. as usual the top-notch of the week :)
take care boss

MS said...

Hi Abhinav,

Liked the way U add that fun aspect in all your posts. Oops....sorry I guess woh to Koot-Koot ke bhara hua hai tumhari sabhi posts mein :)

Neways, gr8 xperience being here for the first time. Hope to frequent this 'Fun ka Adda' many a times in the future too.

BTW hope U certainly had a better V-Day than the xperience U've shared out there in JAM :)

N Get well soon, else your fellow blogger friends out here wud start feeling feverish without reading your posts for a long time!! :)



u have been tagged.. visit my blog for details >:)

Suds said...

Hey great article man. Amazing stuff.

Get well soon.. Enjoy

Aj said...

Oye Feverish ..!!!
Man Bird flu has come to india,

Go hav a checkup :)
Aur yeh tere despo article bhi mast hote hia :)

Aj said...

Aur kya baat hai aaj kal humra blog par aane ka time nhn milat hai bachuwa?

Abhi said...

@amyth-Real huge advantages man ! you can make people feel good by making em look at ur woes.:)

@amyth- Really ? :)

@phoenix - i screw up my youth to justify a theory .:)

@sunshine - teaching poetry to class 5 kids got its side effects ;).And proud to be single aise kehti hai jaise sunny deol proud to be indian chillata tha jawani mein.

@shreedhar - you call girls grapes ?:p

@neetie - know a lot about me.tujhe khatam karwana padega.:p

@prayank - haha ! yeh man , i got to know abt it a day after , but dint visit the stall.its called 'hard to get' strategy.

@lotus dew - yeh jaldi hai ? I am 24.80 saal wait karu ? :p

@jaggu -thats good news fr my corporate chances.ur TL can give me a job maybe ? :)

@moonwalker - haha ! yeh nagraj ka hairstyle was very inspiring.Uski wo jo lat girti thee forehead pe , dil le gayi thi .:p and pinky ! lol.u inspired a comic character junior.

@lolita - you are an angel sometimes.i wish u were my class teacher.dont read books.wat a thing to advise :)

@me - wo duyain deti hogi mujhe.mujhse pyaar karti to kya paati , meri bewakufi ki aandhi mein udd jaati.

@killer is I : tu samajht hai yaar delhi se engineer ka dard.:).single union zindabaad.

@indian bachelor - kahani bande bande ki.:)

@anon- :).Maybe you are right.

@shreyansh - Got well :)

@rinku - haha ! mummy mummy bachao , somalia wale aa gaye !:p

@anon - haha ! yar fever ke baare mein sunkar acha laga tujhe ? how assuring ;)

@S - :).I will try.

@nishant - tu meri nurse banega ?

@hiren- haha.wo bukhar na utrega.

@anon - :)

@dawn - my soul ? meri aatma bhatakna shuru ho gyi abhi se ? :)

@anu - kinetic devi , aise fever jaise dosto se dushmani hee bhali.

@shekhar - exec summary ! haha , thats like an mba.:)

@pandu - tu online mil mujhse.badi tension le rahi hai lagta hain :).

@badgirl - kukdukoooo ( sorry ! )

@shubh chintu - :).nah re nah , zindagi ko aise dedicate nahi kar sakta main .jaunga to 2-4 ko lekar hee dubunga.

@murali - :).i can only type wat i want.

@sneha - i am fine now.a good guy feeling good but looking terrible :p.plastic surgery needed.

@kaps - haan bahadur , take care ho gaya :)

@badgirl - nah nah thats all right.wat else can i expect frm a bad girl ;).jus kidding , it was my apologies.u say 'its ok'.end of story.

@shreedhar - i am replying:)

@me - :) .aa to gaya , abb kya screen faadkar udhar aa jaun ?

@vishal - thanks man :)

@ms - haha ! yeh , the V day wasnt as bad as written.adat see hai mujhe.

@nidhi- the tag has been completed.u visit my blog fr details.:)

@suds - bhaiyya bukhar mein to enjoy mat bolo :)

@aj - are nahi bhai , aajkal bathroom jane ka time nahi milta , blog to cheez hee alag hain :)

OrganizedChaos said...

Hi There ...
Just wanted to put in my protest.. would like to tell there should be no gender discriminations in being single!! Being one of those Moronic females who bring gender equality into everything i too have had my heart handed back with the no-thanks-you-are-not-my-type dialogue!! And yes every V day when all my friends get Cards/flowers i send gifts to myself with a note which says "Secret Admirer"... Well it does wonders for my self esteem...{sigh!!}

Anonymous said...

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