Thursday, May 04, 2006

Oh no ! These are tears !

Has it ever happened to you that you just cry without knowing why ? Infact it's not crying . I mean , not the sort of crying I indulged in as a kid when Dad punched in a banana sized injection in my butter bottoms . Yeah , this injection thing happened a lot . That happens a lot when your mom and dad are doctors . You know , it was like this when I was a kid :

I hear the car horn , fling away the he-man toy I am playing with and run towards the door yelling "pappa aa gaye , pappa aa gaye".

I would run straight into dad , cling onto his pants , look up with expectant eyes .

Dad : " Bolo munna , pappa aaj aapke liye kya laaye ? "
Me : Ummm !! Chocolate ???
Dad : " Nah ! Guess ! "
Me : " Ahaaaa !!! Ice cream ???"
Dad : " Nahi munna !"
Me : " Oho ! Batao na pappa !"
Dad ( Pulling out a fresh smelling pink and green pencil sized packet ) : " See ! Pappa got a state of the art , fresh off the shelf , just launched hepatitis B vaccine for munna dear. "

I got so many vaccine punctures in my body , I can be substituted for the sieve in your kitchen . Anyway , that's not the point , or nariman point . The point is that I am not talking about the crying I did when this injection entered my body . I am talking about a more silent and confusing kind of crying . A couple of nights ago , as I tried to sleep , it happened to me . I was just looking up at the ceiling and tears just started flowing down . I swear on every one of jeetendra's dance steps , I could not fathom the reason . The tears just kept breaking away from the eyes , finding their way across my cheeks and merging silently with the pillow cover . I just lay there as confused as a monkey in a playboy photoshoot . I was like "man ! Am I crying ?? You sure this isnt a optical hydraulic malfunction happening ? ".

And a couple of posts I typed down have got published in Jam again . I am not the kid with a football sized ego who walks around with the 'My dad owns a sports car' tee shirt , but I am telling about this Jam thing because a couple of guys thought I had copied the post from the article in Jam .

And I had this real thick wave of a 'End this blog' emotion last night , and it was only a timely intervention by neetie which stopped me from rolling up this blog , put it in a doggie bag , cut it up into chote chote chote chote tukde , and feed it to my paaltu kuttas in blue blooded filmy style . It was like , I wrote the last post about the mahajan thing , and someone comments "Seriously abhi , you could have done far better". I mean , I have got myself in a position where everything I write is judged . Even if I am choking on a bone , some guy will stand up and say "Naaah , the way you fell on the floor all gasping could have been funnier ". I know I have created things to be this way myself , but chill yar , give me break . I am just a guy who writes a blog like millions out there . Just let me be . As if I haven't had a tough life already . Try counting the injection punctures on my body someday .

Ps : I need to reply to the comments on the last post . Will do that soon . And one of the comments was by a lady who was expecting a child within a week ! I hope a little angel has entered her life by now . Congratulations to her ! :-)

Added later , after a deep introspection of life , three hours of watching pogo , and forgetting all the introspection results :

I realise the above post was written in a dark greyish maroon kinda mood inspired by a terrible breakfast and my cable operator taking star movies off the telly for a day . The breakfast was much better this morning and to make things better , no one commented on my table manners . I feel creepy about the stuff I wrote yesterday and advise you to ignore all of it . And with such nice people commenting here and mailing me , I am amazed you guys dont have the angel wings on your backs . Have fun . And Thanks .


Ms. V said...


Ms. V said...

OMG. I just realized I made it first.

*dancing the made-it-first-and-second jig*

Abhi said...

hahaha ! Guess I need a medal myself . Third ! Yay ! Shall we dance together , vids ? :p

pandora said...

chill..i knew yeh hona tha...when u become a celebrity..only in the sense when ppl strat judjing stay the way you were..thats cooler...and so is this post .. :)

as far as injections are concerned...mujhe mile naa...course thi uski...pehle ek everyday in a week...fir ek once in a week...aur fir ek once in a month..:((...ab bol..

and u go for ur eye chek up...aank mein kuch kaala hai..:P

pandora said...

..and dhakkan..bronze mera hai bas...X-(
*snatch it from hitler and runs away* :D

arpz said...

ankhein bhi hoti hain dil ki zubaan

its me said...

yep. it happens. and later it feels good. like smething bad has just been washed off..

and i didnt think you would give a damn about wat ppl as you said chill maar yaar.

and no way.. dnt even think of putting an end to such a beautiful blog... though it is funny, it reaaly makes us think... which is good i guess.

SAY NO to ending your blog.

Sriram said...

just happened to land here sometime last week and had a good time reading some of the posts. you write pretty neat and i think you know, you dont have to count on anybody's judgement. keep up the goodwork.

Munz said... seems after ur visit to home u have become bit emotional or u r watching tv a lot.
But appreciate ur style of presentation.

Rose said...


Butter Bottoms??? ~laughs~

I sure will call on u when we are out of sieves n my kitchen... ;)

Abt being affected by the comments... I came across this comment u hd made for some1 who had started his blog recently. I belv these were ur exact wrds:
"just a word - enjoy the ride , dont let comments affect you"


And watever it was that aroused those tears... hope its out of ur system finally..


Anonymous said...

abt the silent confused weeping at night , hotha hai yaar. happens with me too..kabhi kabhi..... just take care...and be truthful to yourself....acknowledge ur own feelings first,ok? that helps a lot ,i tell u.anyway bye.....

Anonymous said...

ithna nai sochne ka bhalu :p u knw wht ? tera woh video shootin wala idea tha na im thinking of doing the same during my vivas *internal guffawing*
mast post ,i enjoyed :)
bbye !


Bruce Almighty said...

ENDING THE BLOG SIRJEE. nope... gandi baat...Thats the most cruel idea u can ever get... your dad may give u another puncture for thinking that way...and yes u surely wont want silent weeping for the 60-and-counting souls who comment ur posts....

just_a_girl said...

Hey!! Congratulations for being published in JAM!!!
And don't ever do something crazy like deleting mydayzwithmyself!!!
U have everyone hooked! :)

Dexter said...

hey! even i felt that your blog has got a bit ...cough cough...boring offlate. but putting a stop to blogging would be an extreme step. besides write a blog for yourself and not for others. that way you wont care enough :)

Dexter said...

@arpz , its me : this is dexter your lil bro ;)

Dev said...

Oye.... There is no way you're deletin this blog huh? You have religious readers who wait for ur posts and... of course you have people who like to the first-and-second jig. :)

Keep bloggin Abhi... and we'll keep readin.

Kamal said...

Kuch to log kahenge...

logon ka kaam hai kehna....

hope you understood what I mean.

divya said...

i`m here after a long long break. and i would have killed if u`d done anything with the blog.

air said...

Abhi uncle(as u told me 2 address u)
try 2 b more positive towards ur lif.
coz ife brings kabhi khushi kabhi gum n how long it ll last na tum jano na hum (no 1 else either)
who knws kal ho na ho bt alwaz remember tht u hav 2 live.let ppl thnk wat they fil lik .u shud knw tht u r unique.
wat is lif until thers no spice

Abhishek Upadhyay said...


Itna dukh bhara post padh ke aankhon se paani aur naak se juice nikal aaya(again).Nanhi si jaan aur itna bada atyachar...

You stop blogging and I will give Saira 100Rs supari to send you to Pramod Mahajan.Waise bhi woh tera previous post padh ke tujh se milne ke liye eager hai.

Abhi bhai aage badho....hum tumhare saath hain

Raam Pyari said...

1.hata sawan ki ghata.
2.chill marr yaar!!!

*wonders yeh sab kaun bolata hai??!!!*

3.asheerwaad to neeti dear.

Yasaswi said...

read all of ur blogs, never commented.
just wanna tell u. dont giv a damn to anybody. be urself.
ur blog rocks.

Sreekumar said...

you get 60 comments, 59 appreciating it and 1 criticizing it and you cry! abe being a celebrity has changed you abhi. waise heed what all the thoughtful people both above and below will say.
cheers! and keep blogging

Fursat said...

abhi, i dont know what to write, yesterday i really pushed you like hell by asking not to end your blog. you might break loads of hearts and I was true. and the thing you were crying i mean it happens with everyone.

and you know when we met, i realised that you arent person whom whole world know and laugh at your talk. you are an emotional and simple person like everyone. and you may be quiet sometime too :P

and ya take a break..dont write for the heck..kabhi-2 for a change chup jaya karo :D

!xobile said...

kalia.. aisa apun ko bhi hota hai
apni aakhon ka ilaaj karwa le. (haan haan mai andha hu)

Anonymous said...

really, i dnt think there can be anything like u becoming less funnier or so...
just imagining u writing ur blog( pls, no gay jokes here) is enuf to make me start laughing.
~depthsofhell,loyal reader.

dharmu said...

munnu beta,
after ur butter bottom story, how about your marshmellow cheeks being the next target?

end you blog ?(i pinched my boss to get back to my senses). what will happen to my fanclub? i am the president, if you have forgotten.

i have read every post of yours,and i will read all the upcoming posts, and so will my husband and children and grandchildren. so please, keep my santaan in mind when you get such sinful thoughts. (i need to pass something to my bahu right? ill pass ur url)

there are many people, who like to read your posts, coz you write from heart,may of us can relate to it. you dotn need anyone to comment on it or pat your back. this is your blog, you post, your heart, your world.
we, are like bees(i wanted to tell flies) moving from one blog to other, stopping to read something interesting, then moving again.

and, i was supposed to be the first one to comment uh? *crying me*yeh mera janam sid adhikar hai, so write the next post soon.

freak said...

hey din u ever read the comment
"one can't keep all people happy"

even Gandhi n Mother Teresa had serious critics .. tu to

Scorpion King said...

Sidhey ghatna stahl se taaza samachar..

Delhi mai gate way of India (Sorry India Gate ..oops confused ..kaunsa tau bhi gate) ke side mai "Munnu BABA ke Bottoms err Butter Bottoms" mai kitney hole hai dekhney ke liye bahut badi line lagi hui hai ...

Munnu Baba bahut chamatkari hai ..
jo unka blog padhega aur bottoms mai kitney hole hai dekhega woh "Million dollar" ki smile payega

Hitler soul Blog club reporter,
Scorpion King

P.S. "Muunnu Baba" ye rona wona baand karo ,sirf Haso aur hasatey raho

Nidhi2Abhi said...

hmm......seems a lot of time in hand does have strange repercussions....

will not try and guess what could be the possible reasons.....except crying does no harm.

sheesh !! kitne log senti ho gaye honge yeh padh for the comments...I read Abhi because he is Abhi ...and for no other reason....

To Whoever is passing judgements: take a break !! You can live upto your own expectations..leave others !!

Keep busy buddy ...and even i keep buzzing ppl :P

yossarian said...

hey bhai...dekho jab logon ne Raja Ram..hmm..Raja ram choddo..saala Sachin Tendulkar ko nahin chodda toh tumhe kya choddenge...
that's one of the pitfalls of being famous and widely read..some will adore you..some will hate you [and some like me would be very cross when u don't reply to their scraps :P].
...but then you aren't supposed to be writing for any one of are supposed to write for yourself ..toh mast likho...;)

Sirius Black said...

Dunt delete it man , or atleast keep a backup coz 1ce u delete it u ll have second thoughts on ur decision :P
(Waise bhi ppl will mail u like crazy nd u ll ve to strt bloggin again , Thts the price u pay ........ if u wanna keep ur ideas on *Bombin da ladies toilets in delhi* a secret ;) )
Keep bloggin

pavan kumar said...

Abhinav, for lazy bums like me, could you please post the Jam links? and maybe you should get a tee: "I am paid to write for Jammag, take that.. :P" for putting those rumors to rest. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Abhi...
U know today I came early to office to finsih of my pending work..but happen to see ur latest post...
day started with good note..always enjoyed ur blog man hooked to it ..
Life is good :)


Anu said...

hey.. the first lesson of any good dance class is: "learn to dance for yourself". same goes for writing. so it doesnt matter who reads, what people say, etc etc.. if you love what you write.. thats it!
and don't worry, crying is good sometimes - it clears ur eyes :D (just kidding)..
a request: don't delete the blog yaar, it is my favourite spot on internet..

Surya Ragunaathan said...

Dont even bother about such comments, Abhi...You'll find many many many such people as you move on...some may be unresonable, some others maybe completely irrational...just brush them aside like you wud brush off a thick layer of cow-dung stuck to ur shoe-sole...Spineless people commenting under the 'anonymous' garb are certainly NOT worth ur tears....
cheer up :-)

Vamsi said...

boss..mast hain yaar..
mein kuch gyaan nahin doonga..

Rose said...

Hey Hitler...

R u stl n tears???

U know.. The thing abt being a celebrity is that at times its difficult to live upto expectations.. ~grin~


Come on, Abhinav, atleast that shud cheer u up!!!



Ms. V said...

Sure. My pleasure ;) I hope you're a good dancer though :p

lekshmi said...

been reading your blog for a while now,but never left a comment...dont stop blogging now, plzzz. hey, atleast you get comments, what about the poor souls, the newbies to blogworld, who dont even get comments!! you've been blogging long enough now to ignore the dumb negative comments, take the positves life gives ya, add 'em up, they're the ones that make life worthwhile!!

Anonymous said...

are u kidding me? stop ur blog cos one guy said it wasnt good.. sheesh.. how touchy can u get - dude, get over it

just_a_girl said...

you know why u get so many comments.... why you have so amny fans?? because u are a very genuine person, a beautiful soul...
u not only make us laugh, u also make us cry, and even we dont know what those tears are about....

Somya said...

Nice post..happens with me as well when I am alone and start using my brain for a change..thats start thinking abt something...that really sets my tear glands in fast mode. but best part is I believe in conservation of my brain so I rarely think.he he he

Suds said...

Hey Abhi, Nice post. Ur writting is amazing man. Don't worry about what people say keep writing.

Also I have had times when "Ankhon mein kuch nami si aa jati hai" :)


ASSET said...

I hv been reading ur blog for some time, n so was not really taking u seriously when u said u r ending ur blog.
But going by the comments, i feel it is for real.
I can only advice u 2 think rationally n not take such extreme steps. Ur blog is certainly a fun place, n i think at least all the blogs i visit, the most popular one. I hv not seen ppl so enthu 2 comment on ne post in such a fashion as here.
so, keep up the good work.
keep writing.


Kusum Rohra said...

This is freaky,

The last 4 blogs that i randomly hopped to were all to be shut down by their authors, am I jinxed or what,its good that neetie stoped u :)

@Somya: same here girl, even i belive in brain preservation :)

Kk said...

Ha ! i know wat bad breakfast can do to u., in ur case it almost got blog-suicidal !!! make sure u hav a good start in the morning bhai., don wanna see 'the end' to ur blog anytime soon ., actually never !
yup., everythin 4gotten., just like always., will b back to read ur next post :)

Anonymous said...

hahaha !! mere toh hain wings yeh dekh *flutter flutter* :p


Sayesha said...

Sigh... I can completely understand the 'getting judged' thing... I get that a lot... a few days ago some Priyanka chick wrote on my blog 'Aaargh! There you go with another one of your 'I'm so perfect' posts!' Sheesh.

You can't please everyone, Abhi. The only person you really really need to please is yourself. And if that person is pleased with your blog, the rest can go and kill themselves. You do not, I repeat, you DO NOT, owe anyone an explanation to how you manage YOUR blog.

pandora said...

hmmm...even i have wings..see "flutter flutter" =))=))

pandora said...

hmmm...even i have wings..see "flutter flutter" =))=))

breakfast mein kya khaya? :-? :P

Niedhie said...

Hey Soul, Chill... Yeh fulwari dard wapas kahan se aagaya? I just missed out on commenting on your last post and that brought so much of a pain. I guess I need to keep commenting on each and every post so that you keep smiling and make us smile.

And when from did you start taking life so seriously that these unwanted and confusing tears are there? You forgot this:
"As children these people are happy, energetic, playful and loving. They love to tease and have fun and never take life too seriously, and this character trait carries on throughout their lives."

:) Just chill out! You rock!

tarun said...

hey abhinav,

[before i] realized after all those exams i'm moving out of delhi to pune and then to london within a span of a few weeks... HOWEVER wanted to say through all the turmoil among the other things that will remain constant [family, few pals, ICE CREAM etc] reading your post will be rigth up there.. so write on please!


sopeti said...

Don't be a sentimental fool...
Be yourself. Just a fool.. hehe..

Never ever contemplate taking this off... Consider this the first and last warning.

Blogey Raho...

raven said...

oye... just in case u delete this blog, remember to drop the new blog's link in my mailbox.

joining kab hai? n kahan? yaa ho gayi?

aMyth! said...

mn! read all those comments and messages... what are you?

you are a celebrity, dude.. online. Just the fact that over 50-60 people come back and read and take their time to post something back, tell you what this blog means to them. I can only guess how many more would actually be reading the blog without posting comments.

So, dude.. you deleting the blog.. is way out of the question :)

Oh, and the optical hydraulic malfunction..happens to me quite a lot!!

Anonymous said...

Man you were so good in your posts about 5-6 months back, u made me go convulsing with laughter. whats wrong these days? all ur jokes sound so cliched. you are just using metaphors as a weak comic tool. please try something new and diffrent next time

Akanksha said...

i always come and read the stuff without commenting much coz i always think my lil ol comment would just get lost in the metric tonnes of comments that u get..
but i always make it a point to read ur posts.. plus like i said i am always in awe of iim guys..*grins sheepishly and blushes*

so please dnt stop bloggin me likey ur posts :)

Shekhar said...

O paaji (of course not the gaali, sarkar), don't let this delete-this-blog thought get into your head again...Delhi has already felt the earthquake tremors, hasn't it ? Here's praying that may you always get good breakfast and that the cable operator doesn't take movie channels off the telly..or even if does, he compensates by sending Ayesha Takia to your place. Cheers !! :D

Pranay Rao said...

Nice post. Seems like youve found a regular reader from now on and yes I am joining ITC. Will meet you there

preeti said...

as u already know, so many pple enjoy reading ur blog coz of the beautiful way u write, so if u consider our sincere request, plz never end ur blog and continue writing ...

dont be so much bothered if u know u are right.. there are always ppl who r in search for trapping others.. thts how evry1 lives..


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Anonymous said...

hey there...u write really hilarious;)

and about the tears..wht do is neetie said..hapens wid everyone.. its kinda filteration i feel..wht say?


Anonymous said...

that was---
wht do i say*


kool said...

hey if tears spilling out of ur eyes for no apparent reason dat means everything is going too fine with ur life...even m facing the same prob since getting iim dat may be possible...saying this from personal experience :)

so cheers

Fursat said...

ab comments ka reply karne ka kya lega.. sab mujse agree hai..

and tu itni jaldi muje bhool gaya :(

tanvi said...


For being published in Jam

Don't ever think about deleting this its too good and hooks you instantly

Love your wit :)

dharmu said...

munnu beta,
ek hafta hogaya, naya post kab karega?
bina lunch ke me sukke patte jaisi hogayi hun.
(that was in ur style, now in my style)
abe shaane,
naya post jaldi karneka, club prez ka hukum hai, nahi to tapka denge, kya?

Restless said...

i have been reading ur posts frm quite a while now...they r hilarious..everytime i had bad day at college...ur post was all i needed..keep on posting dude..7 days n no new post!:((((

Abhi said...

@neha - "as far as injections are concerned...mujhe mile naa...course thi uski...pehle ek everyday in a week...fir ek once in a week...aur fir ek once in a month..:((...ab bol.."

What are you ? A rabies patient ? :o

@neha - hahaha ! silly , wo wala medal nakli tha , asli wala iss bag mein hain ( in true filmy style )

@arpz - Ok , so when I want to wink , my dil is winking ? :p

@its me - haha ! that sounds like a say NO to drugs kinda poster.:)

@sriram - Yeah sri , I understand . I guess it was my 'over reaction of the week' moment when I got all worked up on that.

@munz - MBA over.JOb not started yet. I guess a lot of TV is just natural ?:)

@rose - :)..yeah , even I think I heard those words ..thanks for reminding me :)

@anon - You are very right . I did exactly that , delve into myself and accept what I am and what I believe . Thanks :)

@neo - abbe zaroor kar wo stunt , tere grandkids bhee yaad karenge ki dada ji kitne naughty the :) . And email karna na booliyo wo mirchi video.

@rohan - :)..nah , I surely dont want 60 weeping people , but am sure there wont be 60 guys , and they surely wont weep :)

@just a girl - hooked . But everything ends . Even the ekta kapoor soaps do , though after three years of running.

@dexter - Yeah , I understand :)

@dev - "You have religious readers who wait for ur posts "

You mean they go to the temples regularly ? :)

@kamal - rajesh khanna ke kya emotional acting kari thee yar iss gaane mein ! :)

@divs - oops , I just saved my life !:)

@air ( can i call u hawa hawai ? :p) _ jee beta , I will try to be more positive , I will be a proton .

@abhishek - "naak se juice nikal aaya"

haha ! bhai naak ke neeche glass laga le , tu to living juice corner hain :)

@RP - Haan haan main hee bolta hoon :)..thanks for showing me a mirror

@yasaswi -Yeah yasaswi , I understand , though the 'blog rocks' is thing is just an opinion :)

@sreekumar - Ek to yeh celebrity kaun hai bhai ? main kya hollywood ka sample hoon ? :).and i agree I over reacted yar . Maanta hoon na !

@neetie - chup reh , kal tune na roka hota to aaj itne saare comments ke replies nahi likhne padte , Tv dekh raha hota abhi :p ( just kidding u beta , thanks :) )

@chapaat khan - Bhai sadak paar karwani ho to awaaz de diyo :p

@depthsofhell - its very easy to make u laugh my boy :)

@dharmu - "i need to pass something to my bahu right? ill pass ur ur"

haha !!! tu to apni bahu se bott pitegi saasu ma ! :p..log jewelley dete hain , ghar ki keys dete hain , pressure cooker dete hain , tu url degi ;)

@freak - sahi bola bhai . Jab nahi kar paye gandhi , to main hoon kaunse khet ki aandhi.

@bicchoo raja - haan bhai , wo to ek commercial break tha apne attitude mein.

@nidhi - bye ! hahaha !

@yossarian - abbe o IIM C ke naye yuvraj , ur orkut has some issues right ? ab tune mere scrap ka reply kiya ? bol bol , chup kai ku hain ?:)

@sirius - :).shhhhh , abe NDTV pe foto lagwayega kya meri , keep mum about the toilet plan :p

@pavan - I am not sure if the articles are posted online yar...And they were nothing great , just some musings :)

@vm - Thanks bhai , it feels good to make office goers waste their time :)

@anu - come on , watever happened to ? aapko yehi blog aana hota hain , taste improve keejiye :)

@surya - thanks for all the offliners surya :)..and a real big BEST OF LUCK for your exams :)

@vamsi - haha ! thanks bhai , for 'not' all the gyaan :)

@rose - thanks buddy , am just fine now , all chaired up..err..cheered up

@ms . V : yeah , I think so . The guy whose foot I crushed during my last dance doesn't agree .

@lekhsmi - :)..yeah , I admit people have been good to me here . Thanks .

@anon - I know . I was very touchy there , can get kinda girly at times.

@just a girl - I really dont know if I am a good person , Hemali . But if you ask my sis , she will strongly disagree .

@somya - That's the perfect way to use the brain .Dont use it ! :)

@suds - Thanks bhaiyya :)..hope everything is fine with you.My namaste to swati bhabhi :)

@anshul - Thanks Anshul , I understand :)

@kusum - Stop the blog hopping now ! You are killing blog-land :)

@kk - :)...yeah , soch 2 saal hostel ke breakfast ko kha kar kya hua hoga mera

@neo - haha ! abe fadfada matt , udd jayega hawa mein :p

@sayesha - Thanks Sayesha . Those are very true and real words :)

@neha - haan , tu to hai hee sparrow jaisi small and sweet :p

@niedhie - Haan doctor , kahan chale gaye the aap ? dekho ek comment nahi kara to suicide kee stage aa gayi..ab kabhi aisa na karna haaan :p

@tarun - ice cream ? Mota ho jayega tarun beta :)

@sopeti - haha ! yeah , I feel so cool being a fool ( abbe teri , rhyme bhee hua dekha !)

@raven - hey buddy ! :)..joining : 8th june , Calcutta , ITC . Teri kab hain ?

@amyth - happens to you too ? Sheesh , yeh beemari to common cold se bhee jyada common hain.

@anon _ I am just plain sorry .:)

@akanksha - Thanks :)..and dont worry about ur comment getting lost , hamara lost and found department bada solid hain , sab dooondh lenge :)

@shekhar - uee ma , ayesha takia :p..bhai tu koi bhee ayesha to bhej pehle , ayesha razai hee bhej de .

@pranay _ this is nice :) . Cya soon , Pranay :)

@saracollins - Bhai aap to bott hee fundoo profession mein ho , bott aage jaoge ( shayad andar bhee jaoge ).

@sonali - thanks :)..and yeah , havent seen anyone who doesnt cry :)

@kool - congrats fr the admit :).And yesh , life isnt bad at all :)

@neetie - tu kaun hain ? :p ( Main to GG hoon , I know )

@tanvi - Thanks Tanvi . Though I can't say anything about the blog , need to be pandit baankelaal future teller for that :)

@dharmu - prezi saaab , yeh matt bhool ki jiss junta ne aapko kursi pe bhithaya hain , wahin junta aapko kursi se gira bhee sakti hain :)

@restless - Thanks 'restless' ( oops , you should relax :))..and feeling like typing out stuff today..let's see.:)

ketki said...

"dont let comments affect you"
I guess u understand what i have done Mr hitler's soul
just copy paste from ur comment on my blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Abhi,
I have been blessed with a baby girl on 6th May. She is smiling from birth, may be the effect of your blogs I have read just one week before her birth, keep posting them..

Anonymous said...

Your site is on top of my favourites - Great work I like it.

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rajendranath said...
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rajendranath said...

Hey Abhi,
The first thing i do in my office is to read your blog. You are so witty. Keep posting atleast for me. Abhi really ROCKS!!!