Monday, January 30, 2006

Suno jee , mujhse shaadi karogi ?

I feel like an Adnan Sami forced to pack myself in Priyanka Chopra's jeans. I feel like a Julia Roberts forced to watch 'Main prem ki deewani hoon' from the front row of Ashok Cinema hall. Kitne examples sunega bhai , samajh ja na ki I feel uncomfortable . I have been tagged by Sanyukta and Binu who want me to put down eight things I desire in my life partner. I seriously think the hindustaani sarkaar is goofing up by not awarding a paramveer chakra to my mother whohas managed to tolerate me for 24 years , so expecting someone to be with me for life scores a perfect ten on the optimism meter. But Mungeri Laal doesn't hold the exclusive copyright to dream. So here goes .

1. The sharmeeli salwaar suit girl

'Bholi si soorat , aankhon mein masti , duur khadi sharmaye'

I first heard these lines from 'Dil to pagal hai' on my school bus. Since then , whenever I imagine my dream girl , these lines start playing in the background of my bheja . Plain face. Minimum make up. Ek choti se bindiya . naazuk . Hair tied a choti. Pink salwaar suit. A few kaanch ki green bangles . Quiet girl . Elegant . Shy. Soft laughter. Hai main marr jaawa butter naan kha ke .The multiplex chaap girl who wears a three year old's bathing suit to parties , drinks , smokes , uses foul words and calls herself independent is a wonderful thing to happen to the cosmetic and tobacco industry , but for me , the bhartiya simple ladki remains incredibly cute . But oye sohniye , not too much shy .

Me ( Back from office ) - Knock . Knock . Oye laajwanti , darwaza khol yar , I am back .
She ( softly ) - Suno jee , mujhe aapke saamne aate hue shy shy feel hota hain jee .
Me ( Trying to keep my voice low while the neighbours look at me curiously ) - Ahem . haha. Arre darwaza khol sweetie , it's been 13 years since our marriage now. Abb kya sharmana .
She ( softly giggling now ) - umm..nahi jee , mujhse nahi kiya jayega . Aapke saamne aate hi sharma jati hu main.
Me ( hitting the briefcase against the door ) - Teri ma ki..

I mean , I love shyness , but I don't want to use my briefcase to enter my home everyday.

2. What's common between ego and dinosaurs ?

Both are dead now. That's right , her ego should be as dead as a thief in Mike tyson's home . I don't like people who have big blue whale sized egos . She should be like "You remember the time I burped loudly when we were having dinner with your boss's family ? HaHa. I am such a goof!". Maybe that's why I have never been attracted to any IIM girl , many of whom can't laugh at themselves . Oye kake , cat clear karrke IIM C ayi hain hema malini , to ego ekdum eiffel tower size ka ho jata hai kaafi ladkiyon ka .

3 . Kuch to log kahenge , logon ka kaam hai kehna .Tu bheje ka kofta mat bana .

Now that she would be married and assumingly exposed to a healthy dose of fat padosans and frustrated colleagues like most Indian women , a lot of junta soundbytes like 'How do you stay with this half crazed nut ?' and 'I know a pretty good divorce lawyer.You deserve a better life' and 'What ?? He comes back late these days ? You should talk to 'Husband-secretary-pol khol detective agency'. I don't want her to kill these padosans and colleagues and dump their bodies under our bed , but she should have a mind of her own to prioritise people and what they say. What most people think about me doesn't move a fingernail on me , and I hope she is kinda chilled too.

4. Tunnu munnu ke papa , chalo aaj 'Haseena maan jayegi' dekhte hain

Kasam Madhubala's smile ki , the girl who actually laughs at Govinda or Akshay Kumar's brand of exaggerated comedy is my kudi , because it shows she actually enjoys brain-less , 'bheja-bhool-ja' variety of antics , which gives her a clean ten extra points in my 'Kaun Banegi Meri patni' contest . Infact , I intend to ask her about this during the 'ladka ladki ek doosre ko jaan le , samajh le' stage .

Me - Hi . Have you seen 'Haseena maan jayegi' ?
She - Oh I love that one !
Me - Oh yeah . How about 'Jodi no.1' ?
She - Uee ma . Seen that 14 times.
Me - That's so touching . Mujhse Shaadi karogi ?
She - Wow , Akshay kumar was so funny in that one .
Me - Oye Basanti , not the movie , this is a real life question. Mujhse Shaadi karogi ?

5. Oh , bhaago Judge sahiba ayi !

I write nonsense . I am not asking you , I am telling you a fact I know . But I write whatever I want to write , rather than what you want me to write . Now a girl reads the stuff at this blog , thinks 'What an idiot he is' , leaves a 'This is crap . And now you are in trouble' comment , reports me to blogger for being a burden on the cyber dharti and calls up her connection in Dubai to get me killed by some Truck during my morning walk. I will marry a lamp post rather than this girl . I mean , the girl should not consider herself the 'I am perfect' , 'I will clean the system' , 'How dare someone be silly' headmistress type character . Chill maar yaar . I am having my fun the way I want to , just leave me to my stupid life , sweetheart .

6. Thoda hain , thode ki zaroorat hain

Her life ka basic funda of happiness should match with mine . I too enjoy my work , but I need to keep the big picture in place . If the purpose of her life is to be on the cover of a business magazine , I am cool. If she is willing to neglect her ( and hopefully , mine too ) kids for that , I am boiling . My priorities - my family , my kids , a happy environment at home. Money is a pen I need to script happiness and comfort for my family. If she loves the pen more than the script , she better marry some 'aag-in-the-belly' , high flying , busy business man whose kids have trouble remembering his face , mere pyare pyare gol mol baccho ko baksh de mrs CEO.

I have to put down two more points about the girl who shall marry me and get to say 'See that guy with the stupid face over there ? He is my husband' . But I don't really think I want pouty red lips or a rich dad in law or 'jheel see aankhein' , because life is not a movie where I can happily drown in her eyes and feel happy forever . Zindagi mein things have to be worked out and when I need her to understand and share my life , pouty lips or pink cheeks won't exactly be a very useful thing . So abhi bass itna hee mangta hoon hanuman ji. If you think you have it in you to be the first ever Miss.Hitler's soul , pick up your cellphone and sms D-I-V-O-R-C-E to 123 rightnow. Sms karne se kya hoga ? Kuch nahi . Aise hee paise waste karwa raha hun yaar.


Anonymous said...

too good..mazza aa gaya padhkar..
n hope u find smone soon who fits the bill :)

rinku said...

sorry yaar..mai already shadeeshuda hun...vrna list matchng thee,,..:)

Suds said...

SAhi List hai boss. :) Hope u find someone with all these qualities soon.:) Enjoy...

Ashish Gupta said...

Kitta bada matrimonial nikala hai ;-)

waise why do you think i call girl's hostel here a "bitch house" {seriouslly no offence to any girls - I love girls - just that we have all non-males here :P =)) }

arrrrrreeeeee arranged kya ?? feeling sorry for you :P

"my kids" :O :O
Hey I meant YOUR kids! kya baat hai family planning chal rahi hai yaha to :O

lotus dew said...

"Money is a pen I need to script happiness and comfort for my family"
its a lovely line.

hope u find THE ONE soon.
All the best...:)

Raam Pyari said...

arre wow! nice list...nice and simple.
You know family is so important and very few guys( okay i mite be rong here so dunt tell me that you think the same about all gurls :D )actually realize it. Glad to know that guys like you exist.
It would a pity to waste a guy like you on 'a multiplex chaap girl' for whom family is not important.
I hope you find a nce girl. I really do.
hehe...btw..if i had a nice and sweet sisterr( which i sadly do not , i mean its not like i have a mean and cruel sister..i just dont have a sister.) then toh dot dot dot*meaningful pause*
Munnu jee se jejaah jee
awwwww...that wud be so sweet.
okay..i am talking rubbish now, what i meant to rite was that it was a nice post.Bus.
now i ahve a viva in 1.5 hours so lovely-shovely buks call me with love in their eyes..buhbye:)

Fursat said...

tune list post bhi kar di :) chal i ll read later :D

Shriedhar said...




Upper Berth said...

U will get it, my man! U rule the world..

Anonymous said...

K double o EL ie KOOL

myths said...

now that is a perfect "wish list" ;) and i can see people (read girls) are already screaming " me..i fit the bill...mee.."

best of luck, bro

Ms. V said...

Hmmmm. Interesting ;)

lolita said...

abhinav,everybody has a wish list regarding the person they would like to marry,gud even u have one, but have u ever thought,that "do u match the wish list of ur SO CALLED DREAM GIRL"?think about it,it'll help...

anu said...

apraadh ghor apraadh in a ghor kalyug...sharam ni ani tenu hanumaan ji ko beech mai late hue in sab ghar grahasthee mai...pata nahi kya hanumaan jee brahmchaari the !...age se dhyaan rakhiyo nahi to kake ki tarah kuwara hi ...mai nahi bol rahi ..hanumaan jee planning kar rahe hai ye karne ki..isliye hoshiyaar khabardaar moochdaar!!

badgirl said...

hmmmmmmmm hillooooorous man , itne sundar shabdo mein apni swapn sundari ka detail description maan gaye :)

lolita said...

i never left the previous comment to offend anyone,but if i did,it was purely un intentional.
if u felt bad dear,sorry for tht...

arpz said...


AJITH said...

Too good :) . Perhaps one of the best matrimonial ads i've ever seen... Hope you find ur dream girl soon .

divya said...

wow...thats a nice list. simple and sweet. bindis did u say, man i`m going shopping for bindis today and salwaar suits too..relax,i`m not hitting on u,so u can stop planning about ur escape to siberia. its for the placements,orders from the great placement officer himself!! oh btw inspired by ur post on range de basanti,i went all the way to pvr to watch the movie,only to find that the tickets were all gone.... i watched the chronicles of narnia instead and it was such a cuteeeeeee movie.

sunshine said...

Pataa hai I have a brother who dreams of calling you Munnu jijaji. I've started wearing salwars and sarees after I got my job. I have as big an ego as the size of your brain. My needs are limited- food and chocolates and diamonds. And I'd do anything to watch the movies of Govinda and Chunky Pandey and Shakti Kapoor(including that porn stuff). What more, these days I am playing Kaun Banega Mera Kameena Pati. So what do you say?

NB- I can already see the dark patch below your left eye, thanks to Stiffy.

Cherubin said...

lol bro...I'll keep my eyes open for such a kudi :)

Shreyansh said...

Hansa hansa ke dil ki baat keh gaye dost.
Exam de ke aaya to dekha ki tumne khalbali macha rakhi hai. :)
The briefcase part in the first point was too funny.
Jaa tujhe milegi teri sapno ki rani mukherjee.Aisa mujhe lagta hai.

shubhi said...

now really, i c half of the females here hav already proposed i wont(huge ego). dont have a single salwaar suit(multiplex chaap?) m not ur 'shy' types too...still wanna marry u. u jus make my day..i hav a special folder of ur blogs on my fact not evn 'FRIENDS' makes me feel tht gr8, as ur posts do.. jus awesome :)long live u

Fathima said...

I am just imagining ur situation if u have to live with a girl with the qualities extremely opposite to this! So prepare for the worst, so that when u get what u wanted, u will feel more happy!

!xobile said...

arre kalia!
toone ladki ke nahi.. apne hee lakshan likh daale!
seedha seedha bolta na apne jaisee chaheye...


dont worry dont worry
tujhe bhi milega...

avashya milegi

@moon waali maatey
aapke piromis ka kya huva :(

Miss Sea said...

8 bola tha. 6 likhe. and u seem to have covered the more important things. love ur philosophy, as always :)kudos!

Kk said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Kk said...

Wow ., Superb bhai ! Amazing ! I'm really impressed by how u put down ur exact honest thoughts in the raw form with a tuch of humour.., touch kya .., humour mein duba duba ke likhthey ho ! U're my fav blogger 4m now.,
Hitler Zindabad !!! :P

Raam Pyari said...

vatsa beta(verion waala nahi) woh meri halat you dun know!! mein 1.5 hrs mein viva dene jaa rahi thi...
i know this is no excuse but *sob, sob*
ab tussi inne der tak abhi ki post par comment nahi karoge toh aur kya hoga!!!!!!*grrrr, grrrrr*
woh Dolly hai dot dot.
shesh bhag agale saptah!

Fursat said...

KK he is not hitler...he is abhinav..kitna acha ladka hai...usko hitler nahi bulate..not fair :) and he is my fav blogger too :D

abhi tune mere itne ache dost ka naam hitler rakh diya..change karna padega...warna...tuje teri list wali ladki..:P

about your list: ahem ahem...shud I need to say something?

sunshine said...

I am so green that probably I could start photosynthesizing. How come so many females have already proposed you? Bhool gaye CBB?

me said...

hey it waz an excellent post.....damn refreshing. u hv real talent for humor writing, conevying ur mssg at the same tym. u write really well.ekdum mast post:)

Anonymous said...

this has got nothing to do with ur
would-be-shaadi blog
i just came across your blog some 10 days back and ever since then i am completely addicted..not because ur blogs are amazingly gripping....( as a matter of fact they are.which u surely know "cyber celeb "as much as u know ur name )but because it helped me to understand guys ...not that i am intrested but u definately relieve me with the fact that every guy is not a birdwatcher ...and that they too have miminum sense of sensitivity and understanding. the fact that they realise rape is the most traumatic expirence, that there is nothing wrong with adopting a child, that earning moti moti guudi of 500 notes is not everything in life and the fact that simplicity is still alive in heart and mind of some of them gives me a imense satisfaction that not every guy in aaj ka kalyugis mental.and therefore,even though i am 4 yrs younger to u , that i am 5'9 and u r 5'4 or 5'5 i don't feel embarressed and shy to confess that u r the first guy in this virtual world that i have a crush on
keep blogging.

Anonymous said...

woah! man, now that's the first time i've heard somone say they have a "cyber crush" on someone..

dude.... amazing, u r...


Anonymous said...

remember ur mallika sherawat walla blog..........that very clearly says the kinda gurl u want.

Anonymous said... that.

Abhi said...

@anon - Well , Thanks for hoping that Ill get this kinda girl , but you are a big hoper I must

say :)

@rinku - haha ! tension nahi rinku jee , bass I hope bhagwan ne aapke jaise log ek do aur banaye

ho .

@suds - Arre sudhir bhaiyya , aapko to swati bhabhi mil gayi , iss ladke ke liye dua karna .:)

@ashu - saale desi romeo , whats there to be so afsos afsos about arranged marriage ? And bhaiyya

family planning karnee acchi baat hai , pooch laloo jee se .;)

@LD - All the best ? hai rabba , tussi aisa bolte ho to lagda hai border nu ja raha hu .Oye thand

rakh balwant , jab milegi tab milegi .Assi aise bhee mast hain .

@moonwalker - oye junior , viva ke darr ka asar saaf dikh raha hai.Apni imaginary sister ko meri

wife banakar uski life ki khushiyon mein knife ghusedne ka khayal dikhata hain what a classic

example of pre viva jitters you are :p .All the best fr the resta exams.Andaman trip after the

exams ? ;)

@neetie - Kyun abhi chashma padosi le gaya hai rent pe :p

@shreedhar - oye teri , smiley ! yeh le -- :) :) :) :) :)

@Upper berth - uee ma , u make me feel alexander the great ! ;)

@anon - shucks .let me guess , you are an english teacher ?

@myths - really ? what place are those girls in man ? ive been searching fr it for 24 years now.;)

@vidya - Hmmm.Interested ? ;)

@lolita - of course I know I wont probably fit onto what she wants frm a guy .In all its likelihood , I shall be a compromise for her .But then , it's just a dream .Just a few words on what I want ,irrespective of what I get .

@anu jaipuria - oye mausi jee , maine kab hanuman jee ko tight clothes pehnakar night club lejane ki baat karri ? Khud rahe na brahmchaari , mujh durachaari ki to setting karwa de approach lagakar .

@badgirl - Oh yar tera to naam hee gulshan grover ki yaad dilata hain .;)

@lolita - oh chill .It wasn't meant to offend , and you don't need to say anything remotely similar to sorry .

@arpz - I wish your vocabulary was more colorful.;)

@ajith - man don't call it an dad will cut off my finances if he finds out im putting up shaadi ads from IIM C .

@divs - the little girl is looking fr a job now .how time flies.seems like yesterday when you were running around with a running nose :p.all the best fr the placements man.take it easy.and lemme know if u need to talk.missed call.and abhi is online.

@sunshine - Ok.This is it.I need protection.Someone call the cops please.

@cherubin - hey sis ! :) .im gonna catch u online one of these days.its an mba's word.and as for the kudi , you are my first choice matchmaker sis.hurry up !

@shreyansh - yaar yeh 'tujhe milegi.mera dil kehta hain' wala stunt movies mein kaam karrta hain .real life mein 'tujhe milegi ? shakal dekhi hain ?' jyada sahi lagta hain .:)

@shubhi - its cool you like what I type down .And dont compare this with 'Friends' man , joey will kill me if he hears that :)

@fathima - yeah buddy.This is just a dream.Life is real.She won't be perfect.But then , neither am I.:)

@maniraaju - mere jaisi ? I swear on my professor's life , I have never ever worn a pink salwar suit.

@TT - you got the mail ? Man , am so sorry fr the delay and dnt even know if its useful.just lemme know ok ? and 'kudos' from TT ? you just gave me the biggest compliment of the week .

@kk - oye chill bhai .And hitler zindabad ka stereo na baja yaar , kisi bache khuche jew ne sun liya to bott maarega hum dono ko.

@neetie - oye tu to declared sharmeeli salwar suit girl hai meri basmati chawal ki dukaan .;)

@sunshine - Oye I am not the 'he praised me you knw!' kinda excited variety like you samjhi.Once a CBB , always a CBB.

@me - good that u had a nice time man .:)

@anon - Chill buddy , for all I can say , not all guys are as bad as they may seem , and I am not as good as I may seem .Just that we can open up our thoughts on a blog , so people can know who we are , which may not be that easy in real life.Hope your opinion about people keeps getting better.:)

@myth - mallika.add kareena to that and you get the most irritating package in the galaxy.

Ashish Gupta said...

"whats there to be so afsos afsos about arranged marriage"

O bhaisaab log kutta bhi dekh kar laate hai ghar mein... I donno wat to say :( how come people hand over their everything - their whole life to someone just like that :O :O :O
in fact shame shame on them ;)

"And bhaiyya family planning karnee acchi baat hai"

accha bhaiyya to zara kuch planning humein bhi batai jaye ;;) I mean to proof read ur plans -dekhe kya kya plan kara hai aapne ;) :P

Nidhi said...

I read not just the post but also your rock! I had so much fun here hope and wish that you have as much in your married life :P

Sensitive and sensible ones too.

He he he he!! Still laughing!

tinku said...

Munnu your replies to comments are even more hilarious than the post! hahaha!

//if she is willing to neglect her ( and hopefully , mine too ) kids ...

Doston pe itna shak?! =))


Phoenix said...

i think u forgot one thing.
she shd be able to appreciate u writing and ur imagination.
but then , i suspect, that wont be toio difficult to find.
we r all ur fans anyway:))

well said, find ur girl soon, thoughni hope itni bhi sharmili na hooo


abbey aakh khol k dekh !!!!!
mai teri sis..
saddu.. kya khatru matrimonial add likha re tune??

ghar me jawan behen baithi hia.. and tu apne llye ladki dundhne me laga ahi ???

batao.. kya zamana aa gaya hai ..

sudhar jaa.... apni zimmedariiyo ka ehsaas kab hoga re tujhe??


nice post !!!


vishal said...

reading ur blog for the first time.....u forgot to mention one thing....she should be able to adjust with a wierdo like u....god u r damn lucky to give a matrimonial add like that....and not the "match wanted for 28, 5'9", MBA boy, working in ......"types...

divya said...

running nose?? wait till i get my hands on u... and i`m back to blogging!clap clap clap.

anu said...

tenu sharam ni andi ran de basanti dekhne ke baad bhi setting chatting ki baat karte hue?n moreover hanumaan ji yeah marriage department ko belong nahi karte hai isliye better hai ki indra ji ko pata vo hi line mara karte the apne jamane mai !!wase aise hi tukka lagaya hai indra ji wala cross check kar liyo !!

Hiren said...

Hope you get the partner of your dreams and yourself do not turnout a nightmare(that you claim to be) for her.

badgirl said...

lollzzzzzzzzzz hahahahaaha

kabhi milo hamse to hitler bhi yaad aayega :)))))))))))))

badgirl said...

suno tumhare ek pichle post pe bhi maine aur archie ne comment maare KK dear ne link diya tha chk it out :)

Boyfrn/Girlfrn = faltoo tension

Sayesha said...

Munnu oye Munnu... badhiya list banaya re... sab changa lekin ek baat khatak rahi hai... yaar tera dressing sense toh jo saalon pehle ghaas charne gaya tha, kabhi laut kar nahin aaya... lekin bechari Tunnu ki mummy ko pink suit ke saath green bangles pehha diye?? Kuch toh rehem kar mere yaar... zara apne imagination ki file phir se khol, use Adobe Photoshop and please please Sayesha ki khaatir uski bhabhi ki choodiyon ko green se pink colour kar de. Badi meherbani hogi yaar. Thank you very much. :)

Fursat said...

iske liye muje ek chocolate milni chahiye :)

SonnyBoy said...

Seeems like getting ready for marriage already!! Very nice!

Anonymous said...

oori dada.......cyber crush yeah maahan pagali ladki kaun hai ?
arre behen thora to soch samajh ke dil do......

Anonymous said...

Green bangles with pink salwar suit???
Why do all boys hv that weird sense of dressing? :-)


tarni said...

Hey these are just 6....
you were supposed to mention 8...
thats cheating....
get the other 2 fast fast fast....
but maan gaye janab aapke diwanepann ko!
Apko salam!!


badgirl said...

55 aur mere ko cadbury :)))))))))

Anil The Great said...

HS :

My My!!
I am literally stunned to see such an aura of any blogger.

A hillarious post, and extremely funny replies.

You have a huge fan following. Now the sex ratio of the same would have changed drastically, after this post.

Great post, friend. Hope to read some more of your posts, soon.

Me ( hitting the briefcase against the door ) - Teri ma ki..

...........ha ha !! ........

J said...

ahem... main hoon na?

diya said...

Enjoyed reading your page... : )

ships said...

padhna mat tum..bus sara din apni swapan sundri ke charche karna :P

bhai yeh din dobara nahin PADH LE

Anonymous said...

good to see that people like u still exist

Kaps said...

guruji..jaisa ki baaki logon ne bol hi diya hai..bahut acha khola hai aapne..g se kholne mein aapko Phd kya post doc ki bhi jaroorat nahi hai..kaunho research ki bhi jaroorat nahi hai..aapko upar wale ne pehle se hi taiyaar karke bheja hai.

bus kuch jodna chahenge..6 points hain..2 aur..I agree with u on most of the points but will luv a right balance of salwar suit and multiplex chap..bhai yehi zamana hai..zamane ke saath chalna koi aisi mile jo apne anek roop sahi mauke par dikha sake..(sensibly)..and i think u tuched the extreme wen u said IIM-C ki gals==high ego..come on yaar..sab aisi nahi hoti..(na na! humari GF IIM C ki nahi hai..bole to GF hi nahi hai.)..i dont think u really meant that..:).
haan to 2 points aur..
I wud have really luved to see them here on ur blog in ur style.

7. Parents ki respect..bole to maa baap humaare sab kuch..types
8. humaare khiske hue Dost log ke saath ache se milna julna

baaki jaisa ki hum bole..aapka blog padh kar laga ki koi apna mil gaya.(hum bhi gay-vay nahi hain..samjhe thakur :D)

stuti said...

Arent we all scared of marriage coz deep down inside the only thing I want is to be understood.That I might be putting up with people who demand dowry (I couldnt get myslef to respect them) and I would have to put up with things simply because girls are expected to adjust.Sure change is inevitable, because things will be very different from my place, but I just hope that whenever whatever I do for a person, he is the one person I want to fast all day for... not because its something I am supposed to do.
Dreams are to be dreamed,reality to be lived which is usually a direct contrast.I hope you find your soni kudi.

Shekhar said...

Ha ha. Sahi hai bhai, bilkul sahi hai.

//married for 13 years now.

Too good. :)

Anonymous said...

hi bidu... bole to.. this is my first comment to you... have been reading your stuff for a long time... vaise to main bhi mba kar raha hu... but apki to baat hi alag hai...
keep it up..

Prayank said...

lovely post ...
ishwar aapko manchahi dulhan jaldi de ...

Aj said...

Hey Abhi!

Cool description man !
Tera ishstyle toh mast hota ja rela hai...

Whats common b/w ego n dinosour
Both dont exist
Whats common b/w abhi n sabse mast comedian..
Both r one n unique :)

pandora said...

jai hanuman

amyth said...

Dude's missing? Or busy sorting the huge number of proposals u got? :D

Sanyukta said...

so Munnu bhaiyya.. itne sundar lafzon mein hone-waali-bhabhi ka description...maan gaye!

par jab ITNE SAARE log aapki taarif karne mein lage hain, toh mujhe lagta hai aapka ego is going to inflate.

haan, ek baat aur,
puhlease, puhlease, Sayesha di ki baat maankar bangles ka color zaroor change kar dena, hone-waali-bhabhi apka ehsaan kabhi nahi bhoolegee.


Fursat said...

yeh pink suit aur green bangles ki baat to muje bhi hazam nahi huyi :P

Deez said...

thats some list....and a nice one!!!
hope your dream kudi lives upto it, or else u ll need a pretty sturdy briefcase!!!

Hiren said...

Well expressed and entertaining. Hope it is the lull before the storm and you get the lady love of your liking.

I feel like asking the same to some of the established bloggers "Mujhe Blogroll karoge"? I have not seen them comment on any of the budding bloggers blogs. If they are unimpressed, they should give negative feedback- Ekraar nahin, Inkaar hi sahi-bolo, bolo, kuch to bolo.

Arti Honrao said...

I have been trying to comment since a long time but kept getting a msg repeatedly ...
"Iss route ki sabhi liney vyast hain, kripaya thodi der baad try karein"

Now I know the reason... so many gurls have already proposed u here...
Main "yahan" propose nahi karungi...
Mobile number chahiye mera? ;;)

Waise aapka good luck accha hua aur humara bad luck kharab hua to hum aapse umra mein bade honge :-s
I never knew even guys loved to keep their age an secret :P:P


Anonymous said...

tu gud yaar!! ek baat to sure hia tujhe jo bhi milegi uski to zindagi tere comic sense par haste haste niklegi.

waise aaj k zamaane mai koi bhi sharmaane waali ladki nahi bachchi jiska aapne pt 1 mai zikar kiya

Sudipta Chatterjee said...

Bhai Munnu, get a sit-up comedian to be with you for life. All problems will be solved.

Niedhie said...

Instead of being a self-proclaimed Hitler's soul so many girls still propose you....'Coz girls only want somebody who could keep them happy. And you are blessed with a very good sense of humour.

Kudos! A very enjoyable read!

Abhi said...

@ashu -I still dont agree man.A lot of times we feel that wave of 'love' washing over ourselves and may choose someone who isnt a very good fit , hurting both the people in the process.Love is important , but so is not letting love blind one.Arranged marriage can be an informed choice .I am not right.You are not wrong.We just differ here.:)

@nidhi -

//I had so much fun here hope and wish that you have as much in your married life :P

oh nidhi jee if getting fun out of marriage wud have been as easy as blogging , i wud have been going around with seven hundered wives by now.:)

@tinku - dost hee nahi , doodhwale , postman , pizza boy , newspaper boy , kanoon and hitler ki aatma sabko shak ki nigah se dekhti hai lala ji:p

@phoenix -//she shd be able to appreciate u writing and ur imagination

I dont think I shall write for her , and im sure shes going to get a taste of my imagination :)

@nidz - dekh behan , baat ekdum anupam kher ke sar ki tarah saaf hain.if i keep waiting for you to get a suitabke guy b4 i begin my kudi khoj , ill be waiting even when my classmates are celebrating their 25th wedding anniversaries.behan ki zimmedaari khud utha le na plzzzz , main chala shaadi banane ! :p

@vishal- come on man , that is as understood as my stupidity.thoda wo adjust kare , thoda yeh weirdo adjust kare .

@divs - hitler's soul breaks into a mini 30 second bhagra and runs off into the hostel corridor yelling 'shes back ,shes back'.

@indra jee - oye indra jee ko waise hee wife mili huee hain.wo to sare time maldives mein vacation manate hain apni family ke dard can be understood only by someone as single as hanuman ji.;)

@hiren - I can assure you about the latter part.I AM a nightmare.night bhi amaavas ki night.

@badgirl - where do u stay ? i shall never come near that place.:)

@sayesha - man you ladies are as finicky as my ludhaiana wali mami ji over all these colors.Pink suit ke saath pink bangles ? ek bhali ladki ko gulaabo bana diya tune kake .;)

@neets - march se baat kar lunga.but u pay fr my bandages.:p

@sonnyboy-life mein planning nahi kari yaar.jab mood aya kar lunga.sochta hu aaj dinner ke baad hee kar lun...

@anon - ab kaun ise samjhaye champak bhai..

@dreamz - right.i bangles.i hate green bangles from now on.

@tarni - oh yaar main itna content and 'bas itna sa khwab hain' types insan hun , yeh 6 wali hee mil jaye to vaishno devi jaunga cycle pe.

@badgirl - I checked the blogger rules.none said a chocolate is due after every 5 comments.sacchi .chalo munni , ab prayers bolo and so jao , dont be a bad girl :p

@anil - gaali deni padti hai yaar.shaarafat se ghusne ke zamana nahi hain , raat ko darwaze ke bahar bitana nahi hain.

@j - dekh lee.3 baar.:)

@diya - glad u did.:)

@ships - bhagwan har jagah nahi ho sakte the so unhone ma bana dee.and ma harr jagah nahi ho sakti thi so unhone shipra bana dee.kyun meri life ke garden mein padai ka kutta ghumati hain yaar.pad lunga na...:)

@anon - even im kinda glad that i still exist after such disastrous 24 years.

@kaps -oh yar multiplex chaap un-shy wala component ka kya karunga main ? koi indian army mein thode hee kaam karna hai use , i am stil stuck on my desi ghee sharmeeli jhuki palko wali shy basanti.:)

@stuti- I dont think I am scared of it.Not that I am ready for it , but not scared .It's not ramsay brother's 'kabristan' after all.:)

@shekhar - Kya haal hai nand kishore ? :)

@rahul - oye mummy bhee yehi kehti hain .iss ladke ki baat alag hain , iske jaisa gadha koi nahi.chill maar meri baat alag hain (except the gadha part) , nor am i someone u need to address as 'aap'.

@prayank -oye ishwar kya hain.denge to ladki ke pitaji denge na.:)

@arora - oye kya chane ke jhaad pe chada raha hai bhai.tu to jaanta hai meri bhayanak personality ke ek ek corner ko.:)

@pandora - jai bajrang bali.tod dushman ki nali.khalbali hai khalbali.i am mohammad ali.

@amyth - nah i am not friends here aint that lucky.

@sanyukta - choodiyan choodiyan choodiyan !!! kaam mein ear cancer ho gaya yeh complaint sunkar .kar diya bhaai green bangles ko pink :) .and ego inflate ? i know a big ego hurts , and i am not the one to hurt myself.

@neetie - teri aisi ki aapka kharab hain to mujhe bata kyun rahe ho ?:)

@deez - haha ! i hear VIP ones are really good.hello jee , tussi sharmeele ho ? koi baat nahi , VIP hai na .:)

@hiren - oh come on bro , you make me feel like I am like 64 years old.I am just another guy who is typing out stuff like you do.I am blogrolling you later this day.and thats coz i want to , so dnt thank me.:)pay me if you want to.:p

@arti jee -

current age = 24 years.3 months.26 days.2 hours.29 minutes.

Arti jee , waise i have to tell you this.tussi ekdum mujhe neets ke bade version lagte ho.the same simplicity and nice feel.i really admire the way u write god bless you and stuff at the simple that is.

current age = 24 years.3 months.26 days.2 hours.30 minutes.

@anon - kasam hai mujhe sushmita sen ki left leg ki, ek true blooded sharmili ladki to doondh ke hee rahunga.

@sudipta - nahi yaar , i want a kinda serious girl.i will discuss kashmir issue and the palestine war with her.

@niedhie - am glad u had fun.I suck at english , but isnt the spelling of ur name wrong ?

Arti Honrao said...

Haay re meri kismat ...
Hamesha dagaa de jaati hai :D
Aap lucky ho ... bach gaye ;))

ab to aahirwad hi dena padega naa ...
Jeete raho ... acchi jeevan saathi mile :)


Nidhi2Hitler's soul said...

Arre abhinav jee ek mauka bhawan jee ko bhi toh de kar him for his supreme sense of humour..shaadishudha life bilkul fun hoga.....aapke liye nahin toh hum sab ke liye toh jaroor ;-)

700 wives, ahem ahem !!!

Shekhar said...

Mummyyyy..... Hitler ki aatma ne mujhe nand kishore kyu pukara? Mummmyyyy....

Ammey Kesarkar said...

Excellent post!
Great sense of humour...

Will keep visiting...

Ammey Kesarkar

Niedhie said...

Ha ha! No was just bored of the usual spelling so thought of twisting it a bit. At least the Blog Land is a place were I want to do whatever I feel like.

Waiting for your next blog!

USK said...

ABHI bhai,

1,00,000 grand hits.... and still going strong. Me gets off my chair and gives a standing ovation. Keep it up.

I see a lot of girls have already proposed to u. So I think u will not have the need to go out looking for the kudi of ur choice. Actually u will have a tough time trying to stay clr of the girl-mob tats behind u. And by the time u remotely succeed at tat... u will become a 60 yr old still-bachelor-grandpa ;) :))

P.S: dont mind but... can u gimme some tips for GD/PI prep for IIMC. I have mine next month.

badgirl said...

yaar main to apne dusmano ko bhi is shar mein na bulaoon :))))

by the way pitashri main to chocholate le ke rahungi tumse dekh lena :) lolllzzzzzzz

badgirl said...

chk out NPT :) my new post

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Abhi said...

@USK - bhai just mail me at , and we can talk araam se.fine ? :)

Abhi said...

@arti - arti jee , aap bhee bach gaye is nalayak se.Hope you find a nice guy :)

@nidhi - meri married life aap logo ke liye manoranjak kyun hogi jee ? Main apne biwi ke atyachaaro ko public nahi karunga haan .:p

@shekhar - kuch bataya aunty ne ?:)

@ammey - :)

@niedhie - yeah .that is a rather english challenging way of expressing apni marzi :)

@badgirl - mommy told me not to be visiting bad people :p.padta hu !

@anon - updated

@anon - and quickly enough ?:)

Naina said...

my goodness....

popular blog...

how do u get so many hits...curious

Anonymous said...

y don u wan a mrs ceo i thin time 4 dads 2 take sum resonsibility .r u afraid dat ur mrs ceo 'l eat ur career ?nwayz gd luc hope u find 1 like dis

Shashank said...

Good one! I agree with almost all the points you mentioned.

Hope you find a good one ;-) . Bahut muskhil hai waise ki aaj ki koi ladki aapke is criteria mein koi fit ho.

Mil jaye to batana jaroor us ladki ki photo leke pooja karunga mein :-D.

girl of ur dreams said...

after readin ur blog i hav started luvin u ...... don thin m jokin ...
main tumhara blog 50-60 times pad chuki hun...its gr8
lets hope ki hum kabhi mil sake ;)

Supremus said...

good luck :D


My mother says said...

We are not alone

Anonymous said...

lovely lovely lovely.


Best of Luck 2 U Hitler Saab.
Hope you someone you are searching for and pay double bills where ever you go, what ever you do......
....That is life.........

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Anonymous said...

Hey! Shuchi here. I was feeling quite sleepy in the office after lunch and somehow went through your post. I am surprised to see how well someone can put his words in a paper, so hillarious and so refreshing.. Great Job. This is first time I felt someone thinks the way I do.. keep on doing good work.

Anonymous said...

oye kake,woh tho babbi hai theri...


awesome is the word.....

saurabhg1981 said...

Great writing dude....i have been catching up with ur blogs quite often these days and i would even say that i wait for ur blogs..:):)..u have a great sense of writing and this blog just proves that..the way u have mixed ur thoughts with humour and sarcasm, its just too good...way to go!!!!

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Anuja said...

Hey this is wht i call a really frank person,no need to prove neone tht u r cool! ur thoughts prove tht u r a damn cool guy! :)u'll get her soon,tension nahi leneka! :D

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Sudha said...

Hey! you know what I perfectly meet your wish list :-)

But I am not sure though if you meet mine :P

Krishna said...

May you get a perfect kahani-ghar-ghar-ki-style, fan-of-karan-johar-movies ladki who talks like Hema Malini and has a sense humour of Aishwarya Rai......

Anonymous said...

I hope one day hanumanji show u a nice girl....
Good Post.....

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