Friday, July 15, 2005

Expectations = 0

Exams over.Now you being very courteous since birth ,will ask "Oh , how did they go ?".And I being not so courteous since birth, will change the topic abruptly and ask about the weather.And my response is expected to be like this when I went to watch a movie at the INOX ,right in the middle of the exam week.We went to watch "DUS".There was this Mega Bomb which if goes off in Canada can frizzle your uncle's hair in Calcutta.The hair all over Uncle's body I mean.
And Abhishek Bacchahan has to prevent a lot of hairs from frizzing by getting rid of this bomb.After a lot of shouting and yelling and crashing cars and zooming airplanes , AB manages to drown the bomb in a lake,which then explodes underwater, harmlessly, saving Uncle's hair.The hair all over Uncle's body , I mean.
And just then my pal sitting to my left wakes up with a start and murmurs"huh..uh..wat was that sound?".I patted the poor lad on his head and leaned in and whispered "Someone must have shot the bloody director of this bloody movie , sonny boy."
Infact the movie was just that,a movie.A thing can not be bad by itself , can it be ? What made we guys call it "Bad" and "faltoo" in unison, and the guy to my left doze off was our "expectation" from it before watching it. Expectations .
I expected her to be happy with me.She cries around 1.6 litres of tears with me around.Where can I find some cheap and effective poison to eat ?
I expected the guy in the next room to use my Windows XP CD with care.He spills coffee on it and then spills some coke on it.where can I find a nuclear bomb to drop on his room ?
I expected the girl who sent me those sweet emoticons on yahoo messenger , to ask for my phone number.She asked if I would attend her wedding next month.Where can I find comfortable rail tracks to lie down on ?
I expected the food at the mess to be delicious.It tastes like the graveyard of 8 dead cockroaches.Where can I find the mess secretary to vomit on ?
I expected another girl who sent me some more sweet emoticons on yahoo messenger , to ask for my phone number.She turned out to be a guy.where can I find a knife to plunge into the guy who invented yahoo messenger ?
I think most of the heartburns of my life were due to my expectations from others and sometimes myself.

I think my life would be more cool if I minimise my expectations from people.I think I should give it a try.It may turn out to a kind of dry and bland existence.Like a 6 day old toast which has been lying in the sun for the last 8 days.But I think it can be worth trying.

Do not expect.Do your best and be happy ,but dont expect anything from anyone .This is expected to be my mantra for some days to come.


SonnyBoy said...

Yeah it sux when we have em and get screwed eventually...
im kind of sensitized to this a tad more these days....
By the way, Well Put!!

Ms. V said...

One of my mantras has always been "Have no expectations and there'll be no room for disappointment."

I said...

one more serious post abt the heart burn...or burns ;) anyhow try to comeout of isnt good..never cry over split use..

and what was that chachhijii?? is ur chacha still a bachelor..and smart and a hunk ;)i dont mind then..he he

kajrare kajraare mere kale kale naina ;)


Sumit said...

Yes dude never have any expectations... But then sometimes we just can't help it.. its all too human!!

Anat said...

Hey u seem to be in a very serious mood, I guess time shall heal every thing.

wtfdude said...

dude, u dont need a N-bomb. u already gave him XP without SP2 ;) the worst anyone can do to their PC!

amit said...

well its the human nature which has expectations. u tend to expect a lot frm people in whom u confide, make frndships..... trust n relationships r always two sided affair. its not the responsiblity of only one side to maintain the relationships

k, u still think abt her. u still 'expect' tht she wud come back in ur life.

Jam said...

Lovely post dood,

Completely mirrors how I lead my life now and have led it for the past few years now.

All the wounds, and the salt on them to keep them burning have taught me lessons for life, and the most important of them being to live for the day without expecting anything in return.

As Lord Krishna said "do your duty and leave the rest to me". A bit religious and philosophical, but makes a helluva lot of sense.


abhinav said...

@sonnyboy:Yeah.and most of the expectations do get screwed.happy flirting at infy dood.i dont expect the girls to stop drooling over you.;)

@Vidya:You do not expect anything from me ? Remember marble-smooth something i have ? Yeah buddy , peaceful as it is ,I hope practical it is.

@Ships:Acha aap aishwarya rai ho ? mere chacha jee salmaan khan hai. baat karwau ? Vivek Oberoi mujhe marega to nahee ?

@Sumit:Right buddy.But I am sick of the pain and hurt we humans have to go through sometimes.

@Anat:Yeah buddy.Time.And Iodex.Heal everything.

@wtfdude:LoL !right man.guess americans wasted a lot of dollars developing those bombs , a simple CD would have done.

@Amit:Nah Nah lakho.Not at all.I dont expect her to do anything for me.I am not that selfish.Not anymore.I dont expect even my washerwoman to smile at me.

@Jam.Looks like our lives are kinda similar, eh ;)?And you are right on spot man , philosophical they may sound , but we need higher things for a higher life.Up Up and awayyy.

Ms. V said...

Ooh ooh! Are the tables turning? ;)

Miss Sea said...

I almost expected people to jump out of their cars and fire shots when I was coming back home from Dus. Nobody did. not even from the black ones. :(

why has the cast become the most watchable part of a movie? Cardinal rule from now on: never be late for a movie.

Anonymous said...

"oh ! how did the exams go?"


dus was a crap!!

yeah !! expectations.. thats the main reason behind most of the miseries.. :)

chaloo brother ji !!

abhinav said...

@Vidya:Yeah i feel them turning.I have never felt this way before.You just complete me.Is this love ?:p

@TT : you got late for Dus ? Jambaal tumhe kabhee maaf nahee karega .n now if you ask who jambaal is , i am gonna shoot you.

@Nidhi : Hi ! hows the weather there ?

Anonymous said...

weather is fine here !! :P :)

nidhi :)

Vidhi said...

well, almost everyone wud thoroughly agree on this...expectations can be the root cause for many a hear burn! and when they r not met, it hurts like hell! i've felt this all thru my life...

Akanksha said...

expectations....hmmm i wish i knew this a month back!!

Anonymous said...

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