Saturday, July 09, 2005

Oh , its the media guys again

First of all , the dark clouds have gone to Siberia and I am back to my sunny disposition.But thanx a lot to all you people , for urging me to study.I plan to study right after a little nap.

But can someone ask these journalists to leave me in peace ? I mean , how much fame can i handle at a tender age of 23 ? The Telegraph guys quoted me and this blog in their paper today-

I tell you , its tough being a celebrity. But though I have to wear dark glasses and a monkey cap to avoid being recognised and mobbed , I am thankful to all you people for spending some time reading what I write and then spend more time wondering what was it all about.

Anyways , I have to leave now .Another press conference.Duh.
Amidst all this fooling , i think it was foolish on my part to miss thanking Miss.Nilanjana Roy who actually noticed this fool's blog and found it a place in the paper.Thank you Miss.Roy.


san said...

But, days of glory and fame are to be cherished man... enjoy it. They are only for the lucky ones...

Acroyali said...

lets rue our fates together... i'm on the same bus as you!!

Ms. V said...

:O Why'd you change your template? And yes, my sense of humour is all I have to be proud of :p

Chloe said...

Hi! Lol, Don't u lov to be a celebrity...that's strange...n e ways i gess...but u were pretty cool headed durin all dat as far as i can observe from ur comment...
enjoy ur celebrity-dom!

sona said...

hey abhinav

kool....i read that...nw u hv becum a celebrity...) enjoy it...nsit surely rocks..)


congzz hai ji !!! :P .. MUNNU .. mamu bann gaya !! :P

bye tc

The Bitch said...

Your style of writing is humourous. I haven't read much of your blog, so I can't be sure. If there is a change of opinion, I shall promptly notify you. Though one lousy opinion shouldn't bother you. You seem to have quite the fan following eager to suck up to you.

I said...

autograph pls...

and treat also dude ;)


Miss Sea said...

Wah Wah. Jeete raho Munnu. New template doesn't go with ur personality. Change karo.

As for the comments on my blog, i guess Tipsy Topsy is dead :) Now she just lives in the form of comments on a few fav blogs

rohit kaul said...

now tht two of us have same template do u mind sharing some of ur publicity with me :D

PS btw i m back at my old blog

abhinav said...

@San:Yeah man.But the paparazzi sure sucks.;)

@acroyali: Oh yea buddy , u were there right after me in the column.but ur blog is surely much ahead of mine.anyways , lets keep wearing those monkey caps.;)

@Vidya:I wont call u Ms.V now.sounds like im addressing a school teacher.n the previous template screwed up itself n threw all the things around , so had to change it.

@Chloe:Hi chloe.its tuff,but then havta pay the price fr all this talent i have.know wat , i cant access ur blog due to the underscore in the url:(

@Sona:i read on ur blog about all the NGOs u wanted to help out.U surely are a good human.keep the goodness alive.:)

@nidhi:shukra hai tu kuch normal to din to hitler ki mausee jaise baat karee thee tune.keep working fr cat.keep the faith.:)

@bi**h:*wince*this sounds painful.i wont call u this.nah.n these people who comment r not my fans or airconditioners , just friends.people who never met , yet know each dsnt pay to be nice , but sometimes its not about being paid.:)

@S:uhm.please contact my secretary fr autograph.wahi kar degi sign;)n kuch post karo chachijee.

@TT:Kya re tt ? kyun kiya yeh.*angry glare*.tu bhee na.anyways , now dont just vanish.n it was so good reading ur blog , hey dont kill it plzzz.plz.plz.plz.

@RK:template same hone se kuch nahi hota.Shakti kapoor aamir khan ke kapde pehnle to bhi corrupt hee rehta hai;).chill maar bhai.ek din tu bhee meri tarah successful hoga;).

Dreamcatcher said...

i dont like this template ..change it ...success turning your head?


hitler ki MAUSIII ??

lolz.. hitler mujh pe hi gaya hai :D


Akanksha said...

Believe it or not!! But i had the same experience when this reporter from Deccan herald quoted me for my observations about aishwarya looking fat or not in CAnnes! That was one hell of a day where my project manager read the funny comment that i had made and my even funnier Photograph toooooo!!
But for me that was embarrasing as all in the office kept calling the whole day! Enjoy the celebrity status...:))

Anonymous said...


mai to pehle hi bolti thi ki finance vinance chodo, aur kalam utha kar likhna shuru kar do,ushi mai tumhara bhavishya hai bachha!!

newayz njoi d fame,bt dnt 4get u hav ur paprs going on??

so munnu bete apni pencil uthao n shuru ho jao.

bi tak care


Archana said...

It isnt any easy at all, is it? You should be thinking of bodyguards now....or shud I say lady-body-guards?! :P

shakes said...

kyaa bheedu mast template kar liya tum bhi.apun ko bhi thoda HTML editing sikha de


Anonymous said...

ha ha funny!

kept it up! ;)

Vaibhav said...

good going buddy... you've become a celebrity huh?!

Chandoo said...

congratulations dude... :)

Miss Sea said...

Sagnik Nandy
uses this template. love his blog. love urs. looking good.

Abhi said...

@DC : nah nah nah.just that the earlier template suddenly screwed itself and threw my posts to some corner of the screen.

@Nidhi: jee hitler ki mausi and napoleon kee chachi.who called you angel_nidhi ? ;)

@Akanksha:Oh, so you have been a once-upon-a-time celebrity too !waise wat did u ay about aish ?

@Neha:padai padai padai.pad likh ke collector nahee banna mujhe !

@Archana:Not at all archu.Thats the price we people pay.And lady bodyguards ? Thats not bad.Applications invited. we know each other ?

@Anon: did u mean "keep it up "?

@Vaibhav : Yeah man.No photographs please.

@Chandoo:Oh cmon chandoo.its nothing , and all you guys here know that.Thanx fr humoring me.:)

@TT : Thanx yaar.But hum aapse naraz hai.umm, waise tu manayegi to hai nahi , to khudh hee khush hona padega mujhe.:)

herenow said...

shying away from lime light??
y?? i did read the article btw .

Aj said...

Hey abhi !
achievement for d gud work 4 sure :)
i was confused when i opened ur blog today ...the way you wrote dis post was hilarious..
keep writin dude
manager-giri chod ke comedy writer wagarh ban ja.. u sure would make a real buff out there

SonnyBoy said...

Sala tu to sahab ban gaya!!!

smita said...

how abt writin a buk now?! hav u read 'five point someone'? waitin eagerly 4 ur version of wat not 2 do at IIMC!!

amit said...

Congrats bhai.....

now that you have become the celebrity, please add the link to my blog on ur site.

But this new template sucks...change it yaar

priya said...

aaahhhaaaa finally u have attained stardom.. like me ;) welcome to the club..

Ellipsis said...

new look in honour of celebrity status? ;)

abhinav said...

@Herenow : You did ? I see you stay at calcutta then.Good.local fans.

@Arora: hey bhai , main sachee sochta hoon fillum line mein jaane ka , bass i need one shakti kapoor fr the break.

@Sonnyboy: saab banke kaisa tan gaya !lararalaralalala

@Smita: oh yeah i loved five point someone.n im still not sure about my grades buddy , i may have to write a "four point someone".

@Amit:aye yaar no more changes abhee.template pe na jao , post pado n so jao.n u will be added.

@Priya : Yeah we made it.I wud be needing tips about handling the paparazzi.

@Ranj : Nah the new look is in honour of Mahatma Gandhi.Hope ur scooty starts up tommorrow.:)

Mirage said...

I hate to tell you I'm a journalism student myself
But have no fear, I wont bug u!

Boldnbeautiful said...

kya ho raha hai :)

Boldnbeautiful said...

aaaawwwuuu Aaaawwwwuuuu, Meet lady shakti kapoor here. he he he

main nanni si choti si Balmi aaaawwwuuu Aaaawwwwuuuu,

abhinav said...

@Mirage: *yelling* driver ! pull out the car , these journos are everywhere.just kidding mirage , hope u dint take it the hard way.:)

@BnB:lololol!shakti bhaiya , u r too funny !:).waise do i stand a chance in the industry , i will do watever shakti bhaiya says !

Madhavi Ratnaparkhi said...

hi abhinav
you put your thoughts in such a lucid manner that reading your blog provide a delightful distraction from studies. And the best part is that you reply to each and every comment. Keep up the good work.
And congrats for that celeb status.

abhinav said...

@Madhavi:Good that u liked it madhavi.:)And reading this is a distraction frm studies fr u , just imagine the state of my studies writing all this !

Boldnbeautiful said...

this is not shakti bhaiyya, it is Shakti behena,

For chance, u should meet me in Hotel centaur at 11.55 p.m(night).
Shakti behena ka haat tumara sar pe hai tho koyi tume touch nahi karega. Tum seeda Patal chale javoge, Aaauuuuuuwwwwwwwww

Anonymous said...

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