Sunday, July 17, 2005

Oooh la la ! Its AB baby.

If I would have been a girl , I would have had this huge-as-a-dinosaur crush on Abhishek Bacchan right now.Maybe this statement is a temporary side effect of just having finished watching "Sarkaar".Brooding eyes.The dark looks.The unshaved half beard.I am not gay.I am not gay.I am not gay.

The night canteen guy still hasnt delivered the maggi I ordered some two hours ago.I am feeling so hungry.Another fifteen minutes and I will eat this keyboard and the mouse pad.And while I am at it , I will eat the guy in the room opposite to mine.The punk has put on some real loud music.He should revise his civic sense lessons which taught how disturbing playing loud rock at 2.30 in the morning can be.I like to keep it real soft at night.With the lights switched off and the room bolted from inside , listening to Jagjeet Singh is as blissful as downing a two litre bottle of chilled coke after staying buried for three days in the sands of Sahara Desert.

The day started with a little 9/11 level shock.Nidhi decides to close down her blog ,screamed the headlines on NDTV ....can't you guys handle a little exaggeration ? I saw this offliner from her telling me that.Now hers was one place which was really as clean as a 5 start hotel's washbasin,as innocent as a four month old baby and dripping with good thoughts.I understand why Nidhi , who is like a sister to me , did that.
And i chatted with "her" after a long time.Not Nidhi , but the "mysterious girl" who keeps cropping up in my posts with the regularity of commercial breaks in a TV serial. After all the turmoil both of us have been through , it was good to come across as two normal 'friends' again.I did not feel any mental knots in there.I just wish she stays happy and gets what she want.If given a choice , I would do my best to compensate for the few big tears i gave her , by giving her a million little smiles , even if only as a friend. I have learnt how painful it is to cause someone tears .Though I did not touch her , the emotional chaos was too much for both of us.God , please let this be the first and last time I hurt someone.And please let her be the happiest girl in her district.Or atleast colony.
"Anyone with The legend of Bhagat Singh - Ajay Devgan walee ?". This message flashes on the institute message broadcasting system running on my computer.Almost three in the morning and guys asking for a months old movie starring a dark ugly guy as the hero.IIM education can tamper with a lot of sensibilities.
Anyways , I am feeling sleepy .But trying to get into bed implies another 7-8 minutes of physical activity as my bed seems like three hurricanes have tore through it.Maybe four.A table fan , a lot of dirty clothes , a lot of books and notes lie scattered seducingly across my bed.Hmm.And tomorrow is sunday.A class at 2 and the rest of the day is as free as a toothbrush free with a toothpaste.Maybe I can catch up with another movie tomorrow.Some Abhishek Bacchan movie.I am not gay.I am not gay.I am not gay.


Ms. V said...


As for your previous comment, you must think twice before you use dangerous 4 letter words with such gay abandon! (My choice of word has nothing to do with this post. Hee hee!) Let's take it slow, okay? :p

Anonymous said...

hehe !!

nidhi's blog .. NDTV :P

brother.. i still wonder how u get so much free .. fokt .. faltu.. time at an iim .. "C".. rox bigtime :D ..

bechara abhishek bacchan.. sum body as a cxrushon him.. :P

chlo bbye

Miss Sea said...

Must watch Sarkaar.
I also had Maggi last night for diner. :)
Coke doesn't quench thirst.
as for the bed, what's the floor for?!
Enjoy ur sunday!

wrt last post, I was on time. I saw the advertisements also including the anti-piracy one which i so absolutely adore.

sona said...

hi abhinav

loved more thing about abhishek bachan..his nose...damn gud...:):)
wana watch DUS frends says he rocks in the movie...ill too for once rock with him...:):)
nite music..i listen to all classic hindi songs while studying..:)

amit said...

sarkar is damn gud... at least i felt so when i watched it last sunday.... was deprived of watching a movie fr nearly a month here in IIM A... so any damn movie wud hv done

btw where is link to my blog. i cud not spot it anywhere

priya said...

ok ok.. ur not gay.. hahahahaha

SonnyBoy said...

the first time i saw AB ka baby on screen i was like....
Get the fuck outta here!!!
But admittedly he has gotten his act together... though not the regular Hero type looks, he's started making up on his lost time.
And i might as well go see Sarkar now!

abhinav said...

@Vidya:ui ma !you talk like Devgan Fan Club's general secretary.As for my previous comment and your response , lemme quote the title of one of Dev-Gun's movies :pyaar to hona hee tha !

@Nidhi : Hamri Pyari Behna , duniya kee race kitnee bhee fast ho , apne ko nahee tension , chahe apun first ho yaa last ho.

@TT :I luuurve maggi.Bass 2 minute n ho gayee tayyar.though mommy always say - yeh maggi shaggi bhee koee khane kee cheez hai ? as if nahane kee cheez hai.

And miss.TT bin laden , if you have seen the 'neat n clean' floor of my room , you would wonder how I manage to walk on it , forget sleep.:)

@Sona : lovely Nose.umm , would you love it even if AB got a running nose ?:p

And hows your deepalaya thing going ?

@Amit: Beta lakkho , another month at A and even those mithun "ma kasam" movies.And the link is coming up.It is.Relax.:)

@Priya:Thanks for believing in me.I knew you would stand by me.Though I still feeel so excited by AB !

@Sonnyboy:Yeah go it watch it Sandy , and take along a couple of ladies.Atleast a dozen would be willing after that supporting comment of yours during the infy exercise.;)Mysore mila kya ?

Harsh said...

Hehe ... AB is gonna be real huge .. u should check out his attitue in Dus .. though the movie sucks but he is the Doood...He was better than Amitabh in Sarkar .. though the movie didnot live up to my expectations .. maybe coz i was comparing it too much with Godfather.

ahaan said...

Hi Abhinav......Ajay Devgan ugly ????

I think the guy is good and moreover he acts quite well and he did prove by films like "company " and "Gangajal"....

Anyway hvnt seen sarkar yet but looks like AB has quite a fan following .
The guy was good in "DUS" but the movie Uhhhhhhh .And watch out for the last scene "Terrible" :(

wtfdude said...

ofcourse you are not gay...but i was jus imagining you getting caught in a Bachan gangbang...

6 feet+ men with 6 inch+


abhinav said...

@Harsh: yeah buddy , i did watch DUS last week.And the ending was as interesting as watching a ceiling fan.I guess AB should stop doing these silly roles.

@Ahaan: Oh Oh.Looks like a lotta devgan fans around.and considering that i called him ugly , I hope they are not as action oriented as he is.

@wtfdude:ahem ahem.this site is meant for viewing pleasure of little kids under indecency please;)

Ms. V said...

I remember during the "Dhai Akshar Prem Ke" and "Run" phase, I used to think it was atrocious that AB was getting roles just because of his dad's repute. But with "Yuva" and "Dhoom", he's proved he can do a good job too. I have yet to see Sarkar, so can't comment about it.

Waise, Devgan's acting talent has sky-rocketed since Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam. Before that, I used to think he was quite crappy. But after Company, The Legend of Bhagat Singh, and Yuva, I think no end of him!!! Plus I travelled with him 3 years ago on the same flight where he sat a few mere seats ahead of me and I stared at him the entire 3 hours of the journey. And trust me, he looked dashing! I'm probably capable of throwing a punch or two 'Devgan istyle'! ;) But you needn't worry! :p

Miss Sea said...

Arrey baba! dump the stuff from the bed onto the floor re! who is asking u to sleep on it?!

Mom's take on Maggi, "Nirra(pure) maida"

ahaan said...

No abhinav , nothing of that sort ....
Ajay Devgan is doing more of calm roles now than doing the action flicks that he used to do so no point of his fans now being "action oriented"
and thanks for dropping by my place .

Sowndarya said...

Oooh my my! AB does seem to be in demand ;-) Well! Frankly speaking, even I had a terrible crush when I saw him in Sarkar - and right now I'm trying to get over it.

As for the Expectations formula, "Set other people's expectations (from you) @ NIL, there would be no disappontments, heart burns or tears" ;-) Howazzat?

divya said...

i`m back!!! exams over. no more books for the next one month... except for harry potter. why have u changed the template? i liked the previous one better but never mind will get used to this.abhishek bachchan is such a dish,i`m planning to marry him but thats only if i dont get jhonny depp.

silverine said...

Hi, came here via one your earlier comments on my blog. and I sympathise with you on that "i am not gay" refrain. :))

Cherubin said...

Oh how I love to say this--- I told you so, I told you so, told you, told you, told you so ( to be sung to a highly irritating tune).... AB's baby...aaahhhh...makes me melt ;)

abhinav khan said...

@Vidya:Yeah i loved devgan in Hum dil de chuke sanam.And if you say he looks dashing , he looks dashing.I agree , just keep those punches to yourself.;)

@TT : hailla ! am i dumb or what.i really thot u asked me to sleep on the floor.there is something seriously wrong with the iim selection system.

@Ahaan: But somehow the sticking image of Devgan in my mind is still that two bikes one from "phool n kante".That was something.:p

@Sowndarya:hows ur crush hangover now ? hope u feel fr the expectations formula ,set others expectations frm thats something very different , i never thought of it this way.we should reserach on it , you just may get the nobel prize.:p n i remember your previous comment about why i hurt 'her'? I hope to answer you soon.

@divya : Congrats fr getting your freedom.The feeling is divine , isnt it.And I am so glad you believe in backups just like me.I will marry J.Lo only if aishwarya gets stuck with that snob named vivek oberoi.

@Silverine:Sob.sob.I swear silverine.I am not

@Angel:absolutely behan , infact lets sing this together

"ink is red , roses are blue , Oh my AB , im made for you".

Hope we get our dream man.

Ms. V said...

If it's of any consolation to you, I too thought TT meant you should sleep on the floor!

And FYI, JLo is married to Marc Antony. Now I know her marriages don't last long enough and probably 'tera number bhi aayega'. But why are you setting your standards so low? Ash and JLo!?! Eeeeeks!!!

divya said...

when its u against oberoi i`d definitely vote in ur favour. and i could probably put in a word for u... ash and me, we have a certain mangalore connection u see!! hehe but my brother`s also in the race.. now i`m in a dilemma(hell! is that the right spelling)

Sameer said...

Well Abhinav, whatever you said about AB Baby, I agree with you 1000%(Yeah, you guessed it...I saw Sarkar about 2 hours back!!)
As for the 'mysterious girl', many a times friendship IS better than love(or whatever name you choose to give it). I hope you will agree with me.

rohit kaul said...

How can u find notes seductive :-?
lagta hai this is also sarkaar ka effect or shall I say after effect ;)


sona said...

hi abhinav
running nose..yuck..
i hv again got fever..on bed for more than a week....:(
i hv made a few things at home n mailed the person concerned but not able to do anythng to my satisfaction....was feeling v bad..:(
hopefully will b fully recoverd by next week n will be able to do more...pray for me...

abhinav lopez said...

@vidya : Ah , my partner in stupidity.As for the standards , what do you want me to imagine . uma bharti n mayawati ?

@divya : thats so fr the little brother , hes just 17 , he shud really study ,women at 17 , just not acceptable.;).

@sameer: absolutely sameer ,whenever possessiveness and expectations come in , peace goes out.

@rohit kaul:another year at IIM , and you will be desperate enough to find a pen stand seductive.

@Sona : Get well and then a fit and healthy sonika can make a lot of little kids happy.get well leaving fr the temple right this moment to where did i keep my aarti plate....

Sowndarya said...

Hey! I am still left with a pinch of it (AB baby crush) ;-)And thanks for the Nobel prize!

Good, now I know that you did read my first comment. And I am really looking forward to your reply because I might be able to relate it in a way to my.........

Ellipsis said...

I agree with you on the AB bit. One hundred per cent :D

coolhand222 said...

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just_a_girl said...

if "she" reads ur blog too, i am sure she must have a soft smile on her...
or may be a small little tear..
but she'll be happy, happy that you care...

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