Friday, July 08, 2005


I have my mid term exams from monday.I have to study for them.But can anyone tell me how will a better grade help my life ? I am sure I will study now.But how it will help my life ? I can put in my brains in studying for them.but I need this answer to put my heart in it.What drives you to study for an exam ? Cut out the recognition from this world jazz.I stood last , and the world ridiculed me.I stood first , and they were jealous of me.People who loved me before IIM happened still love me and those who hated me still hate me.Cut out the prove it to myself jazz.I have had enough of exams I have struggled through.I know myself.How will a higher grade help my life ? Damn.I will study.Damn.



r U oK ???


ByE tC..

sona said...


u r sounding depressed...evn in ur last post...wat happend?
sumhw i feel u dnt do wat u wana do n live ur life as others want u to...think about this but only after ur mid terms.
all the best...:)

Dreamcatcher said...

good luck.

Ms. V said...

Personally, to me a 94 is no different from a 49. But apparently to others it is. Because they judge you by it. It's sickening how the entire world is bent upon judging you. Even people who hardly know you want to judge you. A 94 means "Wow, smart!" A 49 means "Dumb Fella".

It doesn't matter if you yourself know that a 49 doesn't mean you're stupid. I'm as proud of myself with a 49 because I know I'm capable of a 94 if I want it, but I don't. But we live in a damn society which involves living amongst other people.

So, if you care about them people, study! If you don't, screw it. Because some numbers on a paper, don't define you. As you said, you are still who you are. Those who love you will always think you're grade A stuff whether you get a 94 or a 49.

P.S. - I can pay... so is it 94 or 49? ;)

Sayesha said...

Very interesting post...

liquid sunshine said...

a friend from IIM Bangalore topped the class and is now earning an obnoxiously high amount:-| that shud be inspiration enuff, no?

nomadic_waves said... happy days r numbered too,hav da monthly tests lined up.

Here's raising a toast to studying,studying & more studying.

Akanksha said... does it help??...hmmm good question!!!
but i hvnt seen the smile as good as the one that comes on my dad's face after a good result...after that it all bcmz meaningless! initially it was for my dad, for the gifts that he brought after agood result...later for something else...and today for survival!! i guess reasons hv changed but the compulsion to study...aaah "never!"..all the best for exams.

divya said...

huh! exams so i have company. u sound like me abhinav.well i`ll tell u what drives me to study
1)mom tells me its my job to study and
2)its the only thing i`m good at.
3)do u need a third reason..arent two reasons good enough? heee

Abhi said...

@Nidhi : yeh i am feeling fine now.i will not planning to eat some poison now.:)

@Sona:Thanx sonika.n depression n me ! as close as laloo and IT.take care.nsit rocks.

@DC :Thanx.I think u figured out i need it.:)

@Vidya : yeah vids , i agree with you.but somehow all this conditioning of getting 'good marks is good' still wont let me screw the world.about the marble ass , I think i need to fall back on my "i-got-headache' tactic.;)but u sure have a lively sense of humor.

@Sayesha : you really think so sayesha ? i think it was just the musings of a guy who wants to watch a movie but has to study.:)

@LS : Oh liquid , cmon money money.i dont need too much honey.

@Nomadic waves : all the best buddy.i will raise the toast later , havta study !do well:)

@Akanksha aka babloo manager : ill tell u why U shud that u get into IIM C n can meet that french guy whu thinks u r named urmila matondkar.

@Divya: mom tells me its my job to study.
2.But its another thing im not good at.:(

but all the best divya , keep going.reasons can wait:)

Ellipsis said...

a piece of advice I got from someone when I posed a similar question:
anything worth doing is worth doing well.

good luck :)

Anonymous said...

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