Tuesday, June 07, 2005

bakwaas while downloading...

Ye world hai na world , isme do tarah ke log hote hai , ek jo finance mein major karte hai, aur wo jo marketing mein major karte hain.

And I have decided to major in marketing.This is the week where we have to decide upon a lot of electives for our specialization in MBA.And marketing it is for me.Between , aint "chhup chhup ke" from Bunty and Babli a catchy song ? listening to it and loving it.Apologies to my side roomie , but I am turning up the volume.Oh yea , about the specialisation.I think I would prefer a marketing job to a finance one.I can stuff free detergents or wafer bags in my shirt while returning from a HLL or Lays office .Wat do I steal from a financial firm ? balance sheets ?So marketing it is.So if a couple of years later , your door bell rings just when the India needs 8 runs off the last three balls , and you open the door to find a guy selling aluminium foils with
extra freshness at very reasonable rates , don't smash his head with your baseball bat , it may be me.

The good part about being at the hostel is that even if you want to play Bappi Lahiri at 4 in the morning , nobody can hurt you provided your room door is bolted strongly from the inside.Hmm..even "Nach Baliye" from Bunty and Babli aint bad,a little more decibels wont kill anyone , ever heard of anyone dying of ear-drum attack ?

But know what , its real humid here at calcutta.I dont wear a shirt when I am at my room.Salmaan bhai zindabaad.Infact , ill take a bath after the download of "Kya Kool Hai Hum" completes.I saw "Devdaas" yesterday.Paro.Paro.Paro.Paro.Abe chuck Paro Shahrukh bhai.I feel Devdaas could have been saved had his home TV carried ESPN.Poor guy did not know how to pass time and then that nutty Chunnilaal gave him that Bagpiper bottle to make a complete nut out of him.Huh , look at this.man man man.DC posts "Silence is the wavelength of the soul".Just this.This is a complete post.And more than 15 comments.Is the entire world going spiritual save me ?Am I the only one listening to this stupid song "cheeky girls" while the rest of you are dipping yourselves in the books of OSHO and discussing social and other deep rooted issues ? I better change the song to a more respectable "chadti jawani-ketchup mix."

And I will take a bath now.Then I will catch up with "kya kool..." and then I have to go to the dinky shop opposite the campus main gate to get a SIM card.I must have lost 273 tablespoons of fluids just travelling to that damn shop from my room.That guy thinks I want to smuggle a nuclear missile to Saudi Arabia.He is asking for all kinds of documents except my death certificate.

By the ways , the good part about Calcutta is that the girls here a lot more decent and pleasant than those at Delhi.Like I went to a multiplex at Delhi just before getting back to Calcutta.Im not the one to "hang around" such places much ."Hang around", as the youngsters these days call it.I have never been to a discotheque , do not drink , do not smoke , don't have a girlfriend , don't like fast food.You get the idea.I am like an audio cassette in a CD case.Like a 1979 Ambassador on a road reserved for luxury cars.Like a pajamas clad guy in an Allen Solly showroom.

But I went to this multiplex.A lot of young girls around.High class girls.Sunglasses.Piercings.Colored hair.Looked like brand ambassadors for the Indian undergarment industry.It embarrased me to just look at them.Low waist jeans.The "chaddi" straps peeping out.Skin tight tops."not-so-innocent" one liners across the fronts.Smoking and drinking girls.Colored hair.I am told this is modernism.The bold and independent girl of today.

Men are bad.Real bad.Just spend half an hour in any Delhi market place and you would feel ashamed about the way women are treated by the Delhi men.But those multiplex girls make me ashamed too.

Wearing surface area challenged clothes which wud put most Indian Garment mills out of work is womanhood ? Showing off your underwear strap just because a certain "Dj doll" decides to let the nation know wat she wears beneath her knickers in a music video , is womanhood? Wearing a "if u got it - flaunt it " tee shirt is womanhood ? Drinking and lying to your parents about it is womanhood? Wearing tight clothes which show off your figure with geometrical precision is womanhood ?

Wearing a simple salwaar kameez but being proud of your womanhood is.Wearing thick glasses but not having to lie to your parents is.Tying hair in a plain "choti" but helping an old woman cross the road is.Being another Kalpana Chawla is.Having the courage to be what you are instead of trying to follow Kareena Kapoor is.Womanhood is not about flaunting your figure , its about having the heart of a woman.

I was really appalled at the ways of those girls at the multiplex in Delhi.They cant inspire shayars and ghazals anymore.Only music videos.

Maybe Im an MCP.Maybe Im too backward in my thoughts and to make matters worse , I have the IQ of your bellybutton.Maybe its global warming forcing those girls to show so much skin.But just tell me - What part of liberation of women is in low waist jeans and showing "chaddi" straps ?

Anyways , the download of "Kya Kool.." completes."Chhup Chhup ke" is playing again on the jukebox.Real cool song.Do check it out.If you like it , remember me when you are dying .If you find it pathetic , I dont care.So time for a "snaan" , or a bath for the linguistically challenged. So till next time , bbye , be good , do good , remember to zip up your pants before going out , and chew with your mouth closed.


panic said...

"snaan" , or a bath for the linguistically challenged....:-)
its worth browsing urdayzwithurself.....
one of my friend was asked in his IAS interview..."why do we speak english"??
reply: 2 reasons....1) bcoz americans dont speak hindi and any of our regional languages.
2) we sound educated.LOL.
and guess what....
abhi mysore me training chal rahi hai uski:-)

Archana said...

me second! But I dont belong to any of the two types of people you classify...I'm ET!
mAYbe you are talking about the extremities of the girls here. I agree, everything has a limit and showing off a strap from your jeans is ,indeed, crossing decency. But, clothing style does'nt reflect the innner persona of a woman most of the times.

Rohit Anand said...

"Smoking and drinking girls."

why is a smoking gurl differenty from a smoking guy.

That smacks of double standards, dontcha think ?

Abhi said...

@Panic : Yea buddy.english is more of a thing to "sound educated" than a means of communication for many.anyways , apna to dil hai hindustaani.n u aint gt a blog urself buddy ?

@Archana:Maybe.But indecency in dressing emanates from a wierd way of thinking , in a way ?

@ Anand : A smoking girl is as bad as a smoking guy fr me.n anyways , women shud be good , not blindly follow males , who are already down morally.

rohit kaul said...

hmmm...fir senti senti post...hidden sentiments among bouts of humor...
few things :)
1) ppl in INDIA will prefer a cricket bat to brk ur head.
2)kucch kuchh is real gud song...lyrix r ultimate
3)dli ki ladkion ne aapka kyaa bigada hai ?
4)I feel piya gaye rangoon... is more respectable than chadti jawani...giv it a try
5)ur concern for Indian UG(under garment) industry is really worth appreciating :).....i bet VIP will b happy to offer u a gud Mktng job :D
6)I wonder y guys dont show off their undy strap?
7)if the above comment made me sound gay the I wud like to clarify I am NOT.
8)gals at multiplex dont necessarily reflect the gals in dli so tht one ws a gross statement:)
9)gals who smoke and booze and wear tiny its and bits resembling clothes do not give a $**t to womenhood.
10)even then having choti, wearing salwar kameez , wearing thick specs do not necessarily define womenhood.

rohit :)

Archana said...

Rohit Kaul,
6) gUYS show of their designer underwear straps way bit better than woman..never seen a guy with hanging jeans??my aunt once commented "I feel like pulling of his pants"!!!!
7) Its something called metrosexuality!!
8)Female drinking population is on the rise.I know a lot of successful women who drink..and drinking isnt bad until you keep it under control. Drinking is too normal...and these women DO define WOMANHOOD. This is just a way of life...it need not make a woman bad as seen by our society.

rohit said...

6)Well I hav seen loose pants but never the designer label frm under it :)
7)metro, bi,hetro or homo...Prefixes make me feel scared so I always avoid em :)
8)now I m thoroghly confused...u know lotsa successful women who drink or lotsa drinking women who r successful :-/. Drinking aint at all bad...but is it gud:-/ and these women may define womanhood by acting like robinhood....newys wat the hell is womanhood:-/


Jun said...

"But just tell me - What part of liberation of women is in low waist jeans and showing "chaddi" straps?"

haha! Visit some Asia countries like Singapore and Hong Kong...and you will discover that most women here in low waist jeans and 'spaghetti' tops. Even better, very short skirts. It's influence from the West. You don't see that 30 years ago. But now, it's just common.

Jun said...

And women drinking in Singapore...is so common that the old folks don't even bother to lift an eyelid anymore.

Darth Midnightmare said...

But does drinking or smoking or wearing certain apparel bely what the person stands for? Personally I couldn't give a rat's a** what someone wears, whether they drink, smoke or whatever....it's the person that counts.....not the superficiality.

Anonymous said...

Oops!Is it the same Abhinav who searched google for PAL's pics?

panic said...

Its not about being hindustani or any nationality for that matter....
not just a food for thot for aprefrential treatment to english or any language....I sometimes feel that we are programmed to show disrespect to our surroundings......the neo-educated uneducated minds in particular.....I hate to sound serious here:-).....
and yea I prefer a diary over blogging...

Archana said...

Drinking aint good or bad....its just a way of life....it becomes bad if you dont know your limits. Phew!! nothing to be confused...its the same. No robinhood there....they are all successful in their lives ;) Rohit,
Womanhood is when a woman recognises and identifies herself; when she looks at herself in the mirror to respect her own image; when she refuses to blindly give-in to the society, when she has the guts to stand up and question, when she fulfills her duty not just as a daughter, mother , wife but also as a human being.....and as a woman.
Its way too complex for you guys, aint it?;D

rohit kaul said...

i wud hav loved to reply to tht...but I guess I hav already dun tht twice on abhinav's blog..so I'll restrain myself here..archana v can contnue the debate on my blog if ya like :).If I do it once more on abhinav's blog i m sure he wont send me his pic....HEY!!!! I told u I M not gay :P..frnd ki pic nahin dekh sakta kyaa :D


Archana said...

I'll leave you at that ;D Maybe when you get to meet such people further in your life, your opinion may differ. Main 'Kaantha ben'[true kal ho naa ho style] ki tarah lagthi hoon kya? But phir bhi, Abhinav ke picture ke liye ye sab??? Strange yaar... :P

B. said...
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B. said...

Hey visited this blog for the first time...sahi hai yahan to passionate discussion chal rahi hai...

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Liked the 'audio cassette in a CD case' usage :)

btw classes already started in C? tsk tsk! No break?

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