Monday, June 13, 2005

Peaceful and unbathed

I would say after thermal underwears and toilet papers , air conditioner is the most pleasant invention on the planet. The way the machine whirrs and spews cold air is pure bliss.The electricity bill aint.But you dont even need to fill it up with water like a cooler. There were no air conditioners at my home till 3 years back.I used to look out of the window of my school bus at all those air conditioners in the windows of the big houses on my way home.I used to look at them , then towards the sun setting at the horizon and pledge that someday I will grow up to buy an Air Conditioner. Papa decided it would be my good luck if I earn enough to manage a second hand rickety ceiling fan with a couple of blades twisted and a little rust.He did not take any risks and got the air conditioners himself.

And these wonderful gadgets purr in all the classes here at IIM Calcutta.So even if I sit between a fat girl with a hint of beard and a guy who allegedly tried to kiss another guy during the new year hostel party , attending classes is a pleasure .

These days I am beginning to spend a lot of time alone.I feel very peaceful and content these days.I am making a conscious decision to be what I am.And that makes me stay away from a lot of people with inflated egos I used to be with earlier just to be a part of the group. To be oneself , the most natural yet hardly followed thing. We got a total of seven lakes here at IIM C . We even got a little wooden bridge over one of them , just like those drawn in little nursery class books.The water is barely around 10 feet down from it.We even got ducks in the lake.I am beginning to spend a lot of early mornings sitting alone on the bridge and looking at the water , the ducks , the trees , hearing the sounds of splashing water , crickets and a lot more . Real lovely place , after a dance bar maybe. A couple of days back, me and a friend went over to the bridge after dinner and sat there for around two hours.We discussed a lot of issues ranging from degrading Indian culture to the lack of female professors to how appealing must Saddam Hussein look in a mini skirt. And I talked about "her" maybe for the first time after things broke up between us. I am not moping around.

But the episode has left me a lot more mature.I am no more the "Slurrp ! See a non-male goes there ! " type guy you tend to be after living through four years of engineering and one year of IIM . Thankfully , this experience has taken me further away from the type of people who fall for external attributes . I was reading this magazine earlier in the day where a guy comments he wont mind swapping girlfriends with his buddy ! Man , i pity you and your girlfriend.Romeo would have strangulated that guy . And even "she" was not a girlfriend to me anytime.I hate that term.

Simplicity and truth are the most treasured attributes for me and meeting people with such qualities is always a pleasant experience , especially if they are rich ladies . If you have seen Roja the movie , that kind of character , so innocent and simple , yet with an inner strength.

Simplicity in this artificial and plastic world. As common as condoms in a monk's shopping list.

Anyways , now that I am out of that thing with "her" , and even she has made it clear I mean as much as a music system to a deaf guy , I am feeling like before - content, single and gay.The tamil guy who moved into the next room looks real hot. You gotta check out his legs.

And I missed the strategic management class yesterday.I did want to attend it. I was waiting for my turn outside the hostel bathroom some 20 minutes before the class. A guy who must be around 6 feet , maybe more , walked up behind me and growled ,"See kid , I have to bathe first. The maximum I can do is to let you join me".

I had a pink bath mug in my right hand , a yellow bucket in my left.I was wearing just a towel around my waist.I looked up at him.To soap the back of a guy with dense chest hair and a gym membership sounds like an once in a lifetime experience , but I let him bathe first. Alone. So i got late for class. And hence I had to stay in my room when a heavenly AC was spewing paradise in Lecture room - 3 of the Academic block , IIM Calcutta.

Anyways , I really got to take a bath now before the 6 footer spots the bathroom before I get in. And in case that happens , I am carrying my nail cutter which has this little hidden knife to the bathroom along with the pink bathmug and the yellow bucket this time. So here I go. If I do not return , please drag that 6 foot guy with the thick chest hair and gym membership to the court. Let justice prevail.



u back from the bath room naa? ki u want all thebloggers to drag that giant to the court :P

byeee tc

Abhi said...

@Nidhi : Hey back.n fine.n still all decent.let him live.n i still cant comment on ur blog.

rohit kaul said...

Y the hell r u sounding so GAY?? kyaa ho raha hai....IIM C mein washer women nahi hain kyaa :D

SO u always keep on increasing ur chances of employment ..after HLL and pepsi and D***X , now u can ezily and happily work for carrier aircon or mebbe bluestar.Life long supply of ACs guarnateed :D

2 guys sitting at night on a bridge overlooking water...hmmm....u really r going for a CHANGE this time :D:D:D


Ms. V said...

Dear Vagabond,
When I first read your blog title, I said to myself "Ooh. At last, one of those adult vulgar blogs I've been looking for". And when the first few words contained 'underwears', my joy knew no bounds. But alas! That bubble of excitement burst as I read on. No offense, to your writing though, because I think you write great. I even think you're kinda funny. But you know how it feels when you think you're going to get something and you get something else, right? Sigh. Oh well, blog on.
Yours disappointedly,

Jam said...

Hey there Abhinav,

Long time no see, and what a post to start with. Absolutely hilarious and insightful, to say the least.

You start off with being introspective , with the being alone part. And then you move on to the sad part, of being dumped, and end up with the absolutely hilarious part of being single and gay.

Am part of the bandwagon too as I too did a helluva lot of introspection during the summers. However, nothing radical has changed except for the fact that I speak my mind more nowadays and kick ass whenever and wherever I can, without caring for the consequences.


Darth Midnightmare said...

Errr...ok.....all I'll say is that, Jeez, u sure seem to have taken it too seriously if you're turning gay now ;-). J/k.....

BTW, your point abuot solitude and being oneself is very true....but can one really be oneself except when alone? I dunno, but somehow, it seems almost antithetical to human nature....

Prayank said...

Hi Abhinav

Have been reading ur blog for a while now .... its absolute fun reading ur posts ... I got an insight into the life @ Cal thru your writings .... looking forward to meeting you when I join there next week ..



Abhi said...

@RK:cmon man.its perfectly fine these days.if u ever come to calcutta , drop by.we can have a good time together , eh ?

@ Ms.V : n i really felt soemthing was missing here on my blog.the sleaze factor it is.ill try my best to do that frm the next time buddy.ill really heat up things the next time.interesting blog u got urself.

@ Jam :Hey jammy ! So nice to hear from you after sucha long time buddy.good to see u going full throttle after marketing , it took me a fin summers at ernst n young to realise that. n know wat , i cant comment on your blog , some kinda technical snag.

@JB : yeah mukund , its very tuff maintaining wat u r b4 others.though u r the king when it comes to insightful remarks about human nature still a novice.

@Prayank : Hi buddy.thanx.though i guess u wud hav read more about my personal views thru the blog.but welcome to joka , u r gonna have a rocking time here.IIM C zindabaad.

definitelymale said...

hell, u r so artificial...trying to get one of your blog reader dames into bed with u, eh?

Abhi said...

@Definitelymale :wowwww.u got me! happy ?

Naveen said...

when i see u referring to that guy who allegedly kissed another guy and the word GAY and the referral to that monk it makes me wonder if u really are taking it literally...i fervently hope that cal is not taht bad in the gals deptt...after four years of engg..the least one can hope for is something even remotely female but looks like thats going to have to wait...
and europe condoms actually r right on top of monks' shopping list...;)

Abhi said...

Oh man , you need to check this out !!! this guy definitelymale who commented above has got this blog which says :

"I have been browsing through Indian blogs for some time now and am ashamed of the hypocrisy of most bloggers. Guys pretend to be sacharine sweet intellectuals. Girls pretend to be someone they are not. Ive had enough of this nonsense. This will be the most honest blog on the blogosphere and will openly proclaim what every blogger secretly wants - to get laid"

Man , he needs a doctor !!!!

Abhi said...

oops , i aint talking about naveen.the guy who commented three places above infact.

Anonymous said...