Thursday, June 09, 2005

Life is Intense.Hard.Serious....Seriously ?

See , I do not really care if anyone reads this.I have my fun writing.But still ,if you read my blog and do not comment ,this is not on.I am a vegetarian.I wont eat you unless I am real hungry.We can be friends and I can actually help you get a job some day.So do leave a comment ,just anything ,be it about your desire to kick me in the crotch real hard.Which anyways ,you cannot do online.

"Life is not a cartoon film abhinav! You have to learn to be serious. Grow Up !"
-- Old chinese proverb.Recited to me by everybody around me.

Huh ? serious ? I am serious.I am seriously serious.wait a minute.why do I be serious ?

Looks like there should be shops selling the "british-stiff-upper-lip" all over the world from the backwaters of Kerela to the red waters of the Red sea.It would sure run up seriously roaring sales.

Maybe the world thinks being serious is the same as being responsible.A guy who looks grimly stiff must be very particular about his work.The world thinks that a guy who looks straight faced is thinking about something deeply important and philosophical.In reality,he may be serious due to the constipation hes been suffering from.Or maybe from diarrohea which makes him shit like a camel.If you look serious enough to be paid to haunt a house ,you are thought to be responsible.

Infact , its the way kids are brought up around here , enjoyment is linked to all the useless things.Pappu enjoys playing cricket .Pappu's mom orders him to burn his cricket bat and study how gandhiji screwed the british.Pinki laughs a lot while playing with her Barbie dolls.Pinki's mom comes in , wrings the neck of her doll and tells her to find out more about the pythogoreas theorem.Little Sachin loves driving his cycle around the colony streets.Enter sachin's mom.She bans the cycle.Orders him to read about the water cycle.

Its like if you are enjoying , if you are laughing , you are not making yourself into a breadwinner.The entire Indian society is designed to make enjoyment a very ridiculed thing ,just after Saurav Ganguly.

So Pappu , Pinki and Sachin grow up to be fine young men/women/whatever who think anything they enjoy is basically as useless as a porous condom.Success is not about enjoyment.Its about sweat , struggle , competition , hard work as hard as a steel condom.

And this makes success mutually exclusive with enjoyment.If you want success,dont waste time in enjoying.

Pappu , Pinki , Sachin all would die one day . Poof . Gone. Hey guys , you left your dollars , cars , mansions , flat screen televisions , microwave owens all behind down here.Do I call the Blue Dart guys to send all this up there ?

When it all has to end a day ,whats the point in living life so intensely ? Why take it so hard ? Why crib about your job , about a broken relation , about a wrong that has happened.By the way ,my computer seems to have got too slow these days.Fuck.Anyways.Life is not about living in the past or future.Live in the moment.

All of you will die .If you drink cheap wine or eat too much of fatty stuff , you will die soon.I would die too ( Daactar , main marna nahi chahta !!).And what am I waiting for ? For life to throw up something one day which will make me happy for long ?
I dont think life would do it.Theres nothing which can make anyone perenially happy.You get a big car , and you want a big car with automatic transmission, you get that , and you want a big car with automatic transamission and a CD player , you get that , and then you get real fat and the doctor advises you to cycle to work.Without generalising the "I want a car" funda ,desires would never end.And no outside thing can make you happy forever.So stop waiting you cribber.That moment you are waiting for would come and die down and you will set off in the pursuit of the next one.

And youll miss all the fun along the street and keep dreaming about the massage parlour at the end of the street.

Hey , just put on this number "piyu bole" from the movie parineeta.Nice little melody.Anyways.And I am downloading "harold n kumar went to white castle" , some kind of cross over flick.Lets see how it turns out.Back to the gyaan.

So lighten up.

Work hard but grab the fact that your happiness aint in any screwed 18 hour job or any moment you are waiting for.Your happiness is right here.Smile a little.Smell the roses.Smell my socks.

You think Im some spoilt and pampered and insensitive brat yet to face the hard spiky life ? You think I dont have any worries ? You think I dont have any bleeding memories ? have you ever heard of this deadly ailment - limphoosircoma of the intestine ? Though I am not suffering from this , I have my share of heartaches.I have probably a lot more pain in my ass and heart than most.But its when life threatens to screw you that you need to smile and laugh more.Its not like im puttin up a fake attitude when my insides wants to cry.

Im not escaping my pain , i have embraced it , understood it ,taken responsibility of it ,and left it behind.Being miserable is so easy.I refuse to be miserable and serious and intense.

Not that I dont have any skeletons in my cupboard.I have enough of them , im planning to donate about a dozen to medical schools in Bihar.But I know skeletons would keep running into my cupboard.If I have to be happy , its my job. I cant let life decide about my happiness.So if I keep waiting for reasons to be happy , I wont be happy.A light heart is not a by product of circumstances , its the best way to live when the circumstances wanna push you down.So I am happy.Without a reason.You too smile right this moment.Ouch !You got a real stupid smile.

Life should be cartoon film for me.Do I need to grow up ?


dreamz said...
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dreamz said...

hey,exactly wht I needed. Guess wht, it's over 15 hrs tht I'm in office and the workload seems no lighter.My routine has been v hectic for 2 months now.I sometimes wonder why am I doing this!I don't have a life out of office.

Reading ur blog is a refreshing break from my exhausting work.
Very true, calm comes from within, noone can give it to you.

Well, I'm trying to smile despite this sequence of depressing days and I don't care how stupid is my smile :-)

Abhi said...

Wow.U liked that ? cool.and me better belt up fr a ruff ride after my , i feel dizzy thinking of 15 hour workdays.need to work up sum alternative career.all the best fr ur work n life.n the smile part was a silly PJ , no one looks stupid smiling.:)

panic said...

kuch to log kahenge,
logon ka kaam hai kehna.
chodo bekkar ki baaton me ,
kahin beet na jaye raina.

aur haan is comment ke badle job kab dilwa rahe ho dost :-)

rohit kaul said...

if u want life to b a cartoon it Tom and Jerry one..they luk real serious to smash each others brains out :)

Waise were u serious wen u wrote the post:-/


Miss Sea said...

"So stop waiting you cribber."

Ultimate warning from mister Vagabond. I had this colleague in office who always keeps smiling and laughing. Nobody takes her seriously. She even got a need to develop a more professional attitude in her performance eval!

u better not join the corpo world ..think of analternative carreer my freind! and btw, since u seem to be coming up with inspiring posts...mebbe u can start a business related to spiituality. achay returns milte hain aaj kal ;)

priya said...

hey .. dont grow up.. and the tom and jerry routine sounds highly appealing :-)

Vaibhav said...

If there’s one thing I hate, its telling people that they are funny... coz funny is supposed to be my USP, my secret plan to take over the "oourld", my stairway to heaven if you will... know what I am saying?

I deliberated whether to gush or not and decided not to... but since you can get me a job... here goes... hehhehehehe

You're funny dude! (sheesh now you got me feeling all pathetic!)

Anonymous said...

just a request to all you retarded bloggers from IIM. Everywhere you make it abundantly clear that you are from IIM and then go on to write the most stupidest of all things. Like it or not you are tainting your institutes brand equity.

and yes, i am from IIM.

Abhi said...

@anon : ever heard of the term "screw the world" ?

Abhi said...

@ Panic : Bas offer letter type kar raha hoon abhi.

@Rk : yup.i was very serious.or was I ?

@TT : Neat point.Howw does Swami Vagabond IIM wale sound ?

@Priya : Dont grow up.n i had ordered 50 jars of complan.

@Vaibhav : Thanx mate.Been to ur blog.Its right up there.

@anonymous IIM dude/dudette :I have sinned my lord.But take a hike , thats me.Live the world's your way.Latter it is.Im not here to promote the dumb , the admission guys bungled up in lettin me in.U please go on , save the world from cracks like me.

Bhim said...

Hey, forget the IIM-waala's battle please. Maybe you can take it up on the iim newsgroup, if vagabond you'd post your post(?) there.

Oh, and btw, for posting this comment to your post, can I get an offer letter?

Anonymous said...

"we can be friends and I can actually help you get a job some day".....thanks mr. iim too big for my boots..

Abhi said...

wow.some guys are so fucking serious.cant u guys take something easy ? too much anger n ego in this world.

Abhi said...

i write something lightly and u make it a "whoa-iim-ego" issue.dammit im a normal guy b4 being an IIM student n hav no fucking ego issues with that just disgusted with the way some people carry so much hate.

Rachael said...

No, you don't have to grow up. (Just don't be stupid...)

Don't mind me.


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SonnyBoy said...

HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!! Get me a job under you!! ill laugh my way to death!! Puhhhleeeezzzz!

rohit kaul said...

OK jst one thing....serious... I mean no...not serious but comic....errr but this thing is not really comic....OK make it semi serious and semi comic....but this genre of cartoon movies sux entirely...OK lemme think how to present my question...then I'll ask u .
:D :D :D


Akruti said...

Ok,i do read this blog from a long time but now that u say "if you read my blog and do not comment ,this is not on.I am a vegetarian.I wont eat you unless I am real hungry"
here goes my comment,Keep writing, Dont ever grow up and be what you are:) and middle of the night i am laughing away reading this post and i am sure of waking up a few souls in my house and scare them off abt my mental condition,so me off but dont need an offer letter,thanx,i have a job which i love:D but be sure to keep writing:)

Archana said...

None need to be seriously serious in life!Not many are happy with growing up to be serious...Where's all the fun gone? We donot want more boring people on earth :)

Miss Sea said...

Let's make it Sree Sree Sree Vagabond IIMC waale. ;)

anon said...

"catcher in the rye" syndrome???

Suman said...

Life's fun when u can laugh at urself and i am sure u are one of those!Nice post...Came across wandering through some unknown blogs until u captured my thoughts.

Sunil said...

I really wonder How could one put up his thoughts so well in black and white? Well written. Keep churning out such refreshing stuff.
All the best.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

hey... really nice post... i just wish i had read this one couple of years back....

started reading ur blogs couple of weeks back... and must say... u r wonderful.. and funny also.... u have a way of mixing humor with complicated and serious things...

i share ur views on being oneself....

keep going man....


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