Saturday, June 18, 2005

Seduction ?

"hell, u r so artificial...trying to get one of your blog reader dames into bed with u, eh? "

This was a comment to my last post.I am smiling.sacchi.Actually this is the problem with our lifestyle these days.Achieve this.Grab that.Win it.A life of progress.A life where you are constantly judged and compared.Where the purpose of life is to be better than the others.And what stokes all this ? A single word which holds around 93% of life's problems and woes -


I mean it friends.EGO.Why did our friend post the above comment.Because he wants to belittle
me.Because belittling me would make him relatively higher.Thats the problem.We are no more
content to be ourselves.We are always comparing and judging.

Live your life.Life is not a race.You dont have to be better than others.Just be what you are comfortable being.

And I am amazed by the technological assumptions the comment implies.How can a fellow female blogger get into my bed ? Does she e-mails herself and I download her and take her printout and put that in my bed ?

But I am really not angry.Life is too short to carry hate in our hearts.Infact I am sorry if my writings have sexually aroused you anytime.I just write to bring a little more joy in this world.

And another reason I am happy is that monsoon in Bengal is about to set in.Heat is costly affair.I have spent a lot on buying Real juices , frooti packs , coke cans , aquafina bottles after coming to calcutta this time .A lot of cash has flown out on them. My dad thinks im into buying drugs to spend so much.My ma thinks Im into buying booze to spend so,papa,its just juice ,coke and water.

But now that the monsoons are coming ,spending would relax.The campus looks great when it rains.The lakes look great with all the water falling into them.Lush green trees.All the birds.The cool breeze.All the water coming into my room through an open window. Me spending half an hour sweeping it out.Beautiful.

And I have started jogging in the mornings.Ok.Just two days since I have started.But I intend to
keep doing that.With the wonderful campus , its wasteful to sleep open mouthed in a dinky room
till 9 in the morning.Its like listening to radio when you are a Michael Jackson live show.

That reminds me,they are making small Michael Jackson toys in America , so that kids can play with him ,for a change.But seriously if MJ is innocent, the poor man is being too bugged.Its wrong to trouble him for being a celebrity.

Sweat dripping off the elbows.The wet tee shirt clinging to the back.The "Om" locket around my
neck flaying wildly as I jog.Its real good going jogging .And then I reach the little bridge over the lake.I plop down on its wooden planked floor and stay there before I decide to jog back to the hostel.And I see quite a few of our professors.In shorts.With their kids.Wives.Its good to see them as normal people with kids and a family.They aint just interested in flunking me in all the finance courses.I pass a professor on my way.He is with his little grandchild.He is showing him the flowers along the path.I say a hello.He smiles back.And suddenly , for that moment , we are not teacher and student.We are just two human beings at different stages of our lives , enjoying the bliss of mother nature.Its good to shed our roles and just come across as two natural human beings.

Oh,now I can see real dark clouds through the window .Baras Jaa pyaare Megha .( Non Hindi guys : Shed some water dear cloud ).

So now I have to study.Till later friends.Be good and do good.Life is beautiful.And I dont want to seduce you.I swear.


Naveen Nathani said...

dude u see we could all be happy with living our lives the way we want to and not treat it like a race...but the thing is that at different stages in life wqe have a need for certain things and this need makes us think that we r competing with each other...or u might need to prove it to somebody that u r better than that guy in order to maybe impress someone(i know its a twisted analogy...but what teh heck what dya expect from someone whos has been up for 20 hours)...s relax, chill out...and dont take ne comments to heart(least of all this one)...
EGO : tell u what buddy...when i was preparting for cat...the tests i took every week...there was this one time when 1 of my friends go a higher %ile than moi in 1 out of 9 tests and i was so was then i realised how childish it all is....again a sad analogy..i better shut up now...
heard on te news that orissa and WB are running at close to 50 deg celcius...i cant figure out how can someone possibly survive in such weather!!
keep the jogging thing going...
and thanks for clearing my name in the last post's comments...

B. said...

I kind of agree ur views about the EGO thing...that is actually the central point or should i say idea in a lot of ppl's existence...

definitelymale said...

cmon abhinav, dont deny it buddy.. u r trying to seduce one of ur female blog readers, isnt it?


the post was good !! and the comment was a lil out of place .. suduce .. lolzz

hey i just updated my blog.. with the looooongest post ever!! but the nice'st post i cud write .. lolz i cud type i must say.. coz i didnt write it :D

byeee tc

Ms. V said...

Am I the lucky girl? Please tell me I am. Please. I don't know who you are. I don't know what you look like. But oh, your words are so seductive. Definitelymale is so right. He seems to know what he's talking about. Now I understand what you meant by you'll heat things up. And of course you don't think my blog is interesting. It was just a ploy to get me into bed. I've been oh so naive. *hurls*

Archana said...

Gosh...I'm laughing it aloud!!!!! That damn guy [definitely male], not to be forgotten that he is rotten too, is dying for your attention! Why give it to him? Did you notice, his display name "DEFINITELY MALE"....doesnt it feel like he is assertive about the fact that he's male? I think you are just wasting your time on him.....let him RIP forgotten.

Why do you think he's in the dark? If he gets himself out to the light, revealing his identity, someone would punch him right across his just IGNORE the definitely male/female/or whatever!!

rohit kaul said...

EGO..hmm...ego has 2 meanings in the small pocket dictionary I have at is wen u constantly try to prove ur superiority over others.Other one is ur consciousness of ur own identity...its upto the person which definition he is not a race..oye fir subah subah jogging kyun karne jata hai :D

gimme ur home's fone no. I'll tell ur parents tht u r INDEED spending all the money in booze and pot:D :D :D

And ys its so gud to talk to a prof w/o tht segregation coming into the pic...talking to a prof like a man talks to a man is an altogether a diff experience :)

PS post ke title se maine kyaa kyaa socha tha...sab barbaad kar diya :D :D :D

rohit kaul said...

addendum to last comment....oye dames ko nahi toh kyaa dudes ko bed mein lene ke chakkar mein hai :D :D :D

Anonymous said...

hey abhi ( hope u wun mind this!)
dis is d 1st time i visited ur blog....n 2 b very frank...this is one of d best n perhaps d most decent of all d blogs i visited till date....!!
feels gr8 2 cm across a guy who respects women frm d bottom of his heart ( @least ur posts give me dat impression ! )
tk care n keep posting,

Abhi said...

@Naveen : about the mock cats.I used to get so worked up if this guy got a better score.I worked hard and aced better scores than him consistently.n then another guy joins in , puts up better scores than mine.And the race starts again.Im not saying improving yourself is bad , but it should be guided by positive feelings , not by jealousy.And the temperature aint that badd here..u know these media guys , dont you .:)

@b: Hey buddy.EGO.bad.but so ingrained we never know if its gone.

@Definitelymale : Ok dost , I have to ask . Sexually frustrated , abused childhood , wat ? There is more to life than sex.But its fine , to each his own.Good to find varied viewpoints.:)

@Nidhi : I read your post and it was beautifully innocent.I wont write much else people may think im seducing you ! right ?

@ Ms. V : Not tonight.I have this headache.J/K.Dont mind.

@Archana : But I think hes just another color in this kalaeidoscope(gosh ! wats the spelling ?)of personalities.SO chill buddy , we will keep coming across such people , either let them infuse anger in your heart , or laugh it away.And I thought you were vanishing for a week ?

@Rk : hey rohit , can you courier me some Gay porn magazines:p ? dont seem to find em here in Calcutta.

@Aparna :Hi.Im not sure how much I respect women.Things have been wrong in the past.But yeah , this is a new morning , and I am willing to improve.And how dare you call me abhi ! I take a truckful of offence.Wherz my lawyer :p?Chill buddy.Abhi it is.

rohit kaul said...

LOls..abhinav .....mere baarey mein kyaa socha bhai?? :D :D
If i indeed havta read a porn mag, y will i read a gay one? there r lotsa normal ones available in the mkt:D....ek-do hain mere frnz ke paas :D:D...kaho toh bhej doon ...LOLs:D

PS u were definitely not trying to seduce me ..were u :D :D :D

Ms. V said...

You're not just a seducer; you're a heartbreaker! ;) (Are you taking note, definitelymale???)

ahaan said...

Ego ....
Guy i read somewhere "Its always better to run ur own race" and how true it is . Most of our lives we try comparing ourselves with others trying to justify in any way that we r better and in the process seldom does one grow .But instead if we try to compete ourself i am sure that we will be much better ..

Govar said...

hehe. Perils of writing in public forums. I've had some comments where imagination's limit exceeded what I've everr known.

priya said...

hey .. ive been on the receiving end of absurd comments too.. frustrated ppl taking it out on inncocent bloggers like us :-)dont even bother getting worked up on tht..
keep the peace

Miss Sea said...

If u r not attempting to seduce us then why the jogging descriptions? :P :))

ok ok..bad joke.

btw, MK knew about ur blog though i dont think she reads it and I got to hear about ur reaction to my comments :P

Simi said...

yeps..indeed EGO is a big problem..y donn this world understand a simple thing--->

"Not everything that counts can b counted and not everything that can be counted counts..."..

B/w vagabond m back to the blogging world....just shrug-off such comments as was in ur last post...ppl like u donn react..they respond..m happy so did u..!..rock as always..bbyee

Simi said...

n yeahh...just missed tht--->i m also a regualr jogger since last 1 yr..MAN..! a gr8 running in which u donn hav to bother abt reaching THERE first....keep jogging...

Abhi said...

@ RK : u did get the hint.i love u man ;).

@ Ms.V : Hope u dint mind that.I mean seriously.And I will let you know as soon as i get over with this headache.

@ Ahaan : You put that down beautifully dost.

@ Govar: Hi buddy.after a long time.n yeah , the perils.but enjoying them;)

@Priya : Yeah , peace prevails.N i loved the "kesavulu" post on your blog.

@TT : No joke is a bad joke buddy. n MK ? i never mentioned u to her , i swear . i dint even tell her how stingy ur comments look at times .:p

@ Simi : Nice to see you back buddy.Hope you have recovered completely frm the typhiod .all the best fr ur placements.

Sunil said...

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May I post a few of your writings , of course by clearly mentioning yor name. on my blog?

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